Simple Childhood Summer Bucket List

Summer is upon us with the ever so popular phrase “I’m bored” rearing it’s tedious head more often than not, it’s time to find creative ways to make Summer memories while keeping things as simple as possible. Here are a few starter ideas to get your own brain wheels turning.

Car Wash

Younger and older kids love to play in water. You pretty much can’t go wrong with a bucket of water. Throw in some bubbles and a wash cloth to let them wash their toy cars…or if you are brave your own car.


You don’t have to create an elaborate meal plan or pack a huge basket. Just a blanket and a small snack will do. You could even leave the food at home and pack a basket of books. An afternoon sitting on a blanket reading books can be so much fun.

Family Movie Time

Pick out a family favorite or a new movie to enjoy. Why night make it a sleep over in the living room? We have some fun nights laughing and playing in the living room. Make it a camp in by building a fort or putting up a tent!


Dance Party

No time is a bad time for a DANCE PARTY. When you feel the boredom sneaking up just turn on some music and dance. Nothing brings the giggles faster!

Doll Swimming Pool

Similar to the car wash but on a smaller scale is the doll pool. A small bucket with water and small dolls is a sure fire way to entertain the kids for a couple of hours. I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong with water. Water can be made new over and over again. You can add soap for bubbles, food color for color changing, oils for scents. Water is the ultimate sensory material.

What do you do to keep the boredom at bay without tons of tech? 


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