Anne Of Green Gables Comes to Life In Anne with an “E” on Netflix

Anne Of Green Gables Comes to Life In Anne with an “E” on Netflix

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I grew up wild and free on a small almost no existent hollow in Kentucky. Our only neighbors were my grandparents and the hillside that walled us in. The hills behind our house covered in a continuous blanket of leaves from the trees that seems to touch the sky from my childhood perspective. Splitting the hills in two roared a small creek which housed hundreds of slimy dirty things children love to try to capture. It truly was a place that proved much scope for the imagination. I would find myself often sitting outside reading in the still quietness of nature. One of the books most often read was Anne of Green Gables. I felt as if Anne and I were kindred spirits split by reality and fantasy. She was always lost in imagination and I spent most of my waking moments imagining. Anne was a writer and I wanted so desperately to write. Anne is the literary character I most relate to personality wise that is. I was almost giddy with apprehension when I heard Netflix was creating the story into a show.

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Anne with an “E” shows a different side of Anne than the one that lived in my imagination. It’s more realistic and as an adult, the darker vision really shows a more whole character. She was a child who lived through a dreadful upbringing. She would have scars. She would be sensitive and strong all at the same time. Her powerful imagination grown from the necessity of needing to find the hidden beauty of the world instead of her harsh reality. Anne With An “E” is a story of survival, forgiveness, and acceptance. Anne is a child who has lived through things children shouldn’t have to. Her parents die when she is just an infant and with no family she is passed around from family to family and taught to be a servant. Eventually she ends up at an children’s asylum. From there a simple mistake leads her on the biggest adventure of her life.

I as able to attend an even to honor the release of the show. I know I have said it alot in this post but I was excited. It was my first Netflix event and a show I was so very interested in. It was a lot of fun. We were able to take pictures with the photo booth and props. There were also these adorable bags with Anne with an “E” logo on them. I was super impressed!

In my own way of celebrating this wonderful new show, I have made two different printables! One is a paper doll of Anne and the other is a pack of 4 coloring pages with quotes from the show on them!

Download the paper doll here!

You can play with this doll ONLINE in a new window with no ads by clicking here.

Download the 4 Coloring Pages in One PDF below!

Let me know what you think of the new Netflix Anne With An “E” below or on social media!

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