Read A Fairy Tale and Then Create Your Own Story With These Awesome Book and Playsets From Silver Dolphin

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Read A Fairy Tale and Then Create Your Own Story With These Awesome Book and Playsets From Silver Dolphin

We are always looking for creative products that encourage imagination and play. If that product also gives an opportunity to expand out love for books and reading, than that is sometime I am interesting in checking out. When I first heard about Silver Dolphin’s Book and Playsets I jumped at the opportunity to play with them. They sounded like so much fun! Three book sets to check out in three different themes…I couldn’t wait!

These sets are so unique. Each set has a book and a play set with characters, accessories, and everything you need to create the story or create your own story. The sets are made out of thick cardboard and can be taken apart for storage. The characters are also thick cardboard and come with stands to stand them up. Each book contains the instructions to set up the playsets.

I really thought these sets would be something that all three kids would like. They were all interested but Lou Lou (miss 4) went completely crazy for them. She fell in love on sight and couldn’t wait till brother and sister were home to get into them. She was popping animals out of the Noah’s Ark set before I could say, “Let’s wait and check them out together.”

The three different sets we checked out were Noah’s Ark, Beauty and The Beast, and All Aboard the Pirate Ship. Each set has so many different characters with it. Noah’s Ark had Noah, his wife, all three sons, and a lot of different animals. Lou Lou was excitedly naming all the different animals in the set. Beauty and The Beast contained the house and all the different household items as well as Beauty and her love interest. The pirate ship was my favorite. It looked like a pirate ship even containing the sails and wheel. Bub thought it was pretty cool.

The sets are easy to put together although I did help Lou Lou with the set up. It took all of 5 minutes to set up and get to playing. The thick boxes are pretty sturdy and the floors are made of a thick cardboard and slide into place fitting into tabs. It did fall over a few times when she was more than rough with it but during normal play the sets stayed upright. The stands fell out a couple of times but we glued them into place and had no more issue. Each character has it’s own stand.

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Beauty and the Beast

All Aboard the Pirate Ship!

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