Months of The Year Preschool Season Matching Activity

Months of The Year Preschool Season Matching Activity

Match the months to the seasons they fall in with this fun activity!

Lately things around here have been a little on the crazy side. I don’t want to get into too much detail but let’s just say…it’s crazier than normal and our normal wasn’t all that normal to begin with. I said that as a way to excuse my lack of activity on the blog. I hope that things will start to settle back into place as we grow accustomed to a new schedule. Life is like a wild roller coaster ride and you never know when your going to go through the loops. Right now, my family is in one of those loops where everything has been turned upside down and inside out but this time the loop is only taking us somewhere better.

As usual I have rambled on and you all are probably thinking, I wish she would get on and tell us what this printable pack is all about. So I will do just that. This pack actually matches the months of the year file folder set I uploaded a few months ago. This time, I focused on seasons such as Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

There are two pages to this download. The season mats and the month boxes.

Setup Instructions:

Print and cut out the mats and boxes.

Laminate them and add velcro dots to the back of the boxes and front of the season mats.

Have the child put the months of the year in the seasons they go in. You can also have them put them in order.

Download this set by clicking below

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