Water Play Fun with Water Wubble A Miniature Masterminds Review

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Water Play Fun with Water Wubble A Miniature Masterminds Review

Summer is almost here and with it comes WATER FUN! There is nothing like an afternoon water balloon fight except for the mess and the hassle of filling up the tiny balloons. Water Wubble water balls are the answer. No more messy popped balloons or 45 minutes filling balloons. Now you can just fill, throw, pick up and start over.

The box includes 4 red and 4 blue Water Wubble waterballoon balls. Initially they do have a powdery substance on them to keep them from sticking together (that is my guess). They feel just like the original Wubble Bubble but have a tube like neck for the water to fit in.

Filling a Water Wubble waterballoon ball with water is SUPER easy. You can use a hose, a water bottle, a pool, the ocean, or even just a stand alone bucket! You pop out the neck and stretch it to accommodate the water and scoop up the water. You can use a hose to create giant water balls. The stretch out pretty big to hold enough water to cause major soakage.

You can throw them or squeeze them like a water gun.

Throwing the Water Wubble balls is a lot of fun as well. I noticed that even though they threw them at each other as hard as they could, they didn’t hurt even when one knocked my youngest out of her flip flops. She got back up and was ready for revenge. The battle raged on with water balls be thrown back and forth. One wouldn’t stay long on the ground before it was once more grabbed up and refilled with water to be hurled at the next victim. Squeals and screams of laughter can be heard along with the battle cries of the tosser.

In the end, all sides of the battle are rewarded with a fun way to beat the heat this summer!

See them in action below!

The Water Wubble waterballoon balls are put away for another day! I love that they are reusable!

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