Count And Trace Frogs Number Cards 1 to 12

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Count And Trace Frogs Number Cards 1 to 12

Lately I’ve had frogs on the mind. I did a project earlier this week as a contribution to another site (more on that later :)) and I still wanted to work with this cute little guy so I made some count and trace cards. Count frogs from 1 to 12 and with this fun printable.

I hope you enjoy our froggies and come back soon to see what else we have up our sleeves for Spring… actually things will be a little slow around here for a couple of weeks as we learn to adjust to a new routine. We are helping out in the baby care department while my sister in law is working. Anytime you add a change as large as a tiny human there will be a few hiccups. But his hiccups are super adorable and well worth the effort to change up our routines. No complaints here 🙂 I take that back…I do have one complaint…my freshly turned 12 year old is a major baby monopolizer. She doesn’t like to share.

Count And Trace Frogs Number Cards 1 to 12

This download below is a pdf pack of printable count and trace cards.

Instructions for use:
Each page has two numbers on it. Cut the cards out and laminate them to make them dry erase for reuse or use in a larger classroom.
The child can count the amount of frogs and then use their finger or dry erase marker to trace the number below.
Simple and easy way to practice number recognition, counting, and writing skills.

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Count And Trace Frogs Number Cards 1 to 12

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