Springtime Activity Book Fun with Parragon! Our Book Buddies Spring Unboxing

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Springtime Activity Book Fun with Parragon! Our Book Buddies Spring Unboxing

Here is our Spring activity book list and where you can purchase each. There is nothing like an afternoon of just the right weather, a fun activity book, and a fresh box of crayons. I remember spending hours color on my grandparents front porch. Now I can make memories coloring and creating with my children.

On a side note, all of these books are great add ins for preschool and kindergarten age groups. Most of them feature stickers which is always a plus but they also serve as a fun way to practice the skills they have been learning all year long!

I also made this Spring coloring page which you can download free by clicking the image below. 🙂

Our Parragon Springtime Activity Book List!

Spring Sunshine: Includes a Press-out Scene and over 40 Stickers!

Purchase here!

Spring Sunshine is a Disney Princess themed activity book with games, stickers, and even a small Belle press-out scene. Anything princess is a huge hit around here with my little princess. She loves seeing all the themed pages and finding her favorite characters. It does have a press out scene but it isn’t the biggest selling point of the book for us.

This is a smaller sized book making it perfect for travel as it can fit easily into an activity bag. The front is thick and has some glitter accents which make it a very attractive book for gifting. This book has 40 stickers inside. The stickers are reward stickers or just for fun stickers. The kids can use them to decorate anything they want. There are tons of games inside like Tic Tac Toe and mazes. The older kids loved the different games while Lou was pretty happy with the sticker selection. What I really like is that this book includes a digital story book.

Springtime Wonders (Disney Princess)

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Springtime Wonders is another Disney Princess book but completely different. It’s actually like two books in one. It has a full color activity book where you use stickers designated for the specific pages to complete the pages. The pages are printed on really nice paper and the colors are super bright while the coloring part of the book is printed on thick white paper. It’s a super nice book that would go great as a gift!

Disney Princess Daffodils and Dances

Purchase here!

Daffodils and Dances is our third Disney Princess book and just like before it’s a different experience. This 48 page book is a coloring book full of fun pictures and activities such as connect the dots or spot the differences. It also comes with bright colorful Spring themed stickers. It also comes with it’s own crayons and crayon keeper! It comes with 4 colors pink, blue, green, and yellow. They work quite well even for us crayon snobs. 🙂 It also comes with a free digital storybook on Story Central. 

Disney Pixar Awesome Adventures : Draw, Color, Create

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Awesome Adventures is an unusual book. In it you will find your favorite Pixar stories but they are missing some things. The pictures are left unfinished to encourage creativity in the artist who is coloring the page. The child (or adult :)) coloring the page will have the chance to alter the adventure and create their own adventure. They will be finishing pictures, drawing characters from their own imagination, or completing a request such as drawing a shark to chase poor Dory.

It also comes with over 100 stickers to help in the creating process or just to use for decorations. As with the previous books mentioned on our list, it also comes with a free digital storybook from Disney Story Central.

Peppa Pig Little Piggy Puzzles: With a Fun Peppa Pig Straw!

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Peppa Pig Peppa’s Puzzles comes with a straw…I know that isn’t the whole point of the book but the creative thought of adding a straw had my 4 year old mesmerized. It’s an awesome activity book with a straw, there is like nothing better to a little girl who loves both activity books and Peppa Pig.

This book has soft matte pages with several fun activities. Kids will connect the dots, find their way through mazes, color by dot, and find all Peppa’s friends in this book. Did I mention it also comes with a straw featuring an adorable Peppa head? I did? Oh…Its just too much fun!

The World of Eric Carle Press Out and Play

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If you are like us, Eric Carle has been a huge influence over your children and their love for literacy. I can say the Hungry Caterpillar was one of the most read and requested books of my classroom (when I was a teacher) before we found Polar Bear Polar Bear What do you Hear? and then 1,2,3 to the Zoo and so many others. Brown Bear was among the first books I bought for my daughter when I found out I was pregnant. I, myself, LOVE the art style used as well as the simple stories that help with memory and animal sounds or life cycles.

This book is awesome as you can actually create the animals as you read the pages. It comes with instructions to create each animal. You will be coloring, folding, and putting together all different kinds of animals as you growl, hop, and roar your way through the book. Smaller kids may need some help with putting the animals together. 🙂

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Marshall Saves the Day! (Charm Book)

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Paw Patrol has become a household word lately it seems. We even find ourselves discussing the adventures of Marshall and his friends at the office. Adorable friendly dogs who save people all while teaching valuable life lessons, what is not to love? I may become the envy of the office next week when I walk in sporting my new Marshall keychain Lou has allowed me to use from this book.

Marshall Saves the Day! is a cute story about Marshall the fire dog who wants so badly to win a competition to be the fastest fire dog around. He does a great job but sees a real fire. He chooses to put out the fire instead of winning the competition. In the end he learns that doing what is right is always the right decision.

Isn’t that key-chain just pure adorableness?!

Also I like the easy flow and layout of this book. The pages are so nicely printed and each follows the same theme.

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