Spring Sensory Fun With Play Dirt By Play Visions

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Spring Sensory Fun With Play Dirt By Play Visions

Play Dirt by Play Visions

What child doesn’t love getting their hands dirty? I can remember playing in the dirt for hours on end as a child. I know my momma had to pretend consume thousands of mudpies, dirt cakes, and worm burgers over the years. I couldn’t wait for Spring and Summer to come when I could spend my days digging in the dirt. Along with that came dirt caked fingernails, dirty clothes, and the occasional dirty dirt (bug, animal poop, or snake infested dirt). Wouldn’t it be great to have the fun of playing with dirt without getting actually dirty or worrying about snakes sneaking up on you while you play in the garden (childhood trauma)? Play Visions has us covered with their new sensory product, Play Dirt.

Play Dirt is a fun way to play in the dirt without the mess. It looks and feels like dirt but has the added benefit of being moldable like Sands Alive!

Our dirt also came with two adorable bugs… much cuter than the bugs I usually ended up playing with. 🙂 Lou had so much fun burying her bugs and digging them back out.

I suspect I will be the one eating mudpies in the near future but at least they won’t have anything crawl out of them while I’m pretending to enjoy their yummy flavor. There will also be no snakes to accidentally pick up because she thought it was actually a very pretty stick. My Papaw isn’t here with his trusty plastic bat to save her like he did me.

Lou made a video of her first impression of the Play Dirt. You can watch it below!

Texture-wise it feels very similar to a coarse Sands Alive. It is mold able and easy to clean up because it sticks to itself.

Lou loved the container it came in because it was easy to get the play dirt out. I liked it because it was also easy to get the play dirt back into the container. 🙂


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