Putting On a Show With Netflix Character Sock Puppets #streamteam

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Putting On a Show With Netflix Character Sock Puppets

This post is part of my participation in the Netflix Stream Team but all opinions are my own. #streamteam


Every time I say “Putting on a show” I have flash backs from the Barney singing “Puttin on a show, come on everybody let’s go!” Today we are going to do just that…let’s sing, dance, and put our creativity to use and create puppets to put on our own show just like those adorable puppet kids in Julie’s Greenroom.

Julie’s Greenroom is all about creativity as Ms. Julie teaches her “kids” about preforming arts. The puppets are adorable which being creating by The Jim Henson Company, I knew they would be even before seeing them. The cast is a wide range of children and impressively inclusive. There is a child for each kid to relate to.

After watching the kids have so much fun putting on their show, we decided to put on our own with our own puppets. Netflix was awesome enough to provide use with materials but I let the kids go their own way and show off some of their own creative notions.

We will be creating Kip from Word Party and Walter from Beatbugz!

I think they turned out AWESOME!

Materials needed to create your own sock puppet:

Socks (pretty much EVERY “sock” puppet needs a sock) This is the body of the puppet and a base to glue on the accessories.

Accessories… pompoms, felt, googly eyes (you know me and my obsession with googly eyes) or any other craft item you want to create with.


First you need to plan out your creation. Oil up those creative juices and plan out what you want your puppet to look like. Make sure you have all your materials in reach.

Place your accessories on your puppet first to see how it will look. Don’t get glue happy just yet! It’s like the rule in sewing “Measure twice, cut once”. Make sure you have your placement and THEN add the glue. 🙂

Also remember when adding glue… Just a dab will do! 🙂

Little advice on pom poms and pipe cleaners. A dab of glue will do but sometimes you may need some felt to use as a base to ensure they stay on the sock.

When your puppet is done be sure to let it dry for a few minutes before testing them out or you may be re-gluing a few things. 🙂

And then it’s time to put on a show with your puppets! Be your own director as you create a puppet show for your family!

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