Growing a Love For Reading From Day One With I See Me! #review

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Growing a Love For Reading From Day One With I See Me!

A few weeks ago, we added one more leaf to our family tree. My newest little nephew is 6 lbs of absolute cuteness and already has the whole family wrapped around his little tiny baby finger. I thought about all the things I could give him to welcome him into the world but the best thing I could think of was to give him a gift to encourage a love for reading. A book made just for him starring him and featuring the many people who already love him.
The Who Loves Me Personalized book from I See Me! truly made my gift basket complete. 

I See Me! has created the perfect book to welcome our new little one into the family and tell him just how much we all love him. They have several different baby books you can personalize and while all of them are awesome (I also really loved the Hello World book), this one was perfect for what I wanted to accomplish which was a gift basket that will help him grow a love for reading. The Who Loves Me book will tell him with each each page that he is very much loved by a lot of people. You can pick the names and way it’s wrote to make sure that the book reads the way you want. Such as certain family members who have nicknames (all the kids in the family other than their own refer to my husband as Bubba and his sister as Sissy) can be spelled the way you want them to be. We included each family on it’s own page so the whole family gets a special mention. Everything was super personalize-able from the title page which has a high quality printed photo of the new little man and a special note from me the giver to each beautifully written and artistically printed page. A wonderful quality made gift that everyone was impressed with…even my husband was caught reading it through a second time.

Read the book and see a full example of the book here. 

How To Create a Basket To Encourage A Love For Reading From Day One!

Creating a New Reader’s Gift Basket is really easy. Think about all the things you enjoy while reading. What makes you happy and comfortable while snuggling down for an afternoon read. More than likely those same things are things that would make your intended recipient happy (except coffee, I hear you should feed new babies coffee…although mom might appreciate it :)).

A few suggestions:
A good book or a few good books, a cozy blanket, comfy pjs, a soft snugly stuffed animal, and a fluffy pillow all make great add ins.

I used a blue Easter tub to fit everything inside but you could also use just a normal basket or a plastic storage bin which could double as a diaper or board book holder afterwards.

You could also create a special basket for big brother or sister so they won’t feel left out!


Check out I See Me for many more options on personalized books. They have so many to choose from!

Not only do they carry book but also check out their  Lunchboxes / Puzzles /Coloring BooksPlacemats / Stickers  and Growth Charts as well!

I See Me!

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