Count And Trace Easter Bunny Number Flash Cards #Free Printable

Count And Trace Easter Bunny Number Flash Cards

Count and trace bunnies from 1 to 12 with this free printable pack!

I have a slight obsession with those sugary sweet marshmallow bunnies that come around on Easter even though they don’t exactly fit into a keto friendly (or any) diet………Sorry was pondering the decision of if I could eat one and claim it was work related. Probably doesn’t count, I suppose I will be a good girl and abstain. I just can’t believe all the flavors they have out now that wasn’t there when I was young and capable of eating sugar, Cotton Candy, Mystery, Blueberry, Fruit Punch…I could go on (<- that is a link to a page I found with a whole bunch of different flavors on it) but I will always be an original Peep fan even if I can no longer indulge in the sweet soft confectionery treat.

Anyway, back on target and no more day dreaming about sugar sprinkled wonders. I do actually have a printable for you today. I have been a little busy around this classroom lately and haven’t had the time to devote to creating. I have missed it but with the addition of a few new friends I just haven’t had the ability to squeeze in those extra moments. This printable’s art is inspired by Peeps bunnies which is why I lost my train of thought a moment ago. Not only are they highly recognizable (Americans buy over 700 million each Easter) but they are as cute as they are sweet.

This download below is a pdf pack of printable count and trace cards. Each page has two numbers on it. Cut the cards out and laminate them to make them dry erase for reuse or use in a larger classroom. The child can count the amount of bunnies and then use their finger or dry erase marker to trace the number below. Simple and easy way to practice number recognition, counting, and writing skills. You could even use real Peeps to count along on each page although they tend to get a little on the sticky side with a lot of manipulation…they also tend to get their heads bit off frequently.

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