Build a Healthier Easter Basket with These Awesome Books Plus Free Printable Easter Bunny Paper Doll!

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Books That Would Go Great In Your Kid’s Easter Basket
Plus Free Printable Easter Bunny Paper Doll!

Easter is approaching quickly and with it comes the Easter basket. Each year it seems like the basket is getting bigger and filled with more and more sugary treats. Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and giant suckers are flooding the super market seasonal aisles and they are just getting more and more elaborate each year. How much sugar does a child need? Why not give them something that will keep them occupied, encourage their thinking skills, and help them grow in their faith? Here are a few books that do just that and would definitely make a great alternative to the normal sugar coated goodies.

The Bernstain Bears Easter Fun Sticker & Activity Book

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Lou LOVES The Berenstain Bears. When she was wee little probably under two she found a board book that belonged to her sister when she was younger. She had me read that book till the thick cardboard pages separated. We have went through toys, books, and dvds all of which were well loved. I knew she would take to this book right away because of the well known and already loved characters. There was also the added benefit of stickers… as you know we are sticker addicts around here. If it has stickers (or bubbles) it’s a winner. This book in particular would make the perfect add in to any Easter basket for girls or boys under 7. It’s an activity book full of full colored pages with activities, puzzles, and more. The pages are thick and slick. Lou thought it was dry erase at first. A few of the activities inside include: Mazes, counting by adding stickers to complete stories, coloring pages, code breakers (I know a lot of you really enjoy those code breaker pages) and other fun activities that involve stickers. The incorporate the stickers into the book by having the child place some of the stickers into certain pages.

Promises For You Coloring Devotional From Faithgirlz

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I also have an older daughter who isn’t as much into counting with stickers or simple word search puzzles. So I wanted to include in this list a book that would be great for the older girls. Promises For You Coloring Devotional is not just a great Easter basket add in for those tweenagers but a great book for all around gifting. This book is more for the 10+ age group. I’m going going to give it a cut off age because the 11 year old loved it as well as myself and my mother. I think that any age could relate to this one in one way or another. It does mention school and the devotionals are on a young teen age level but I feel anyone could learn from the lessons it holds. There are devotionals for 60 days of growth. Each has a verse and then a lesson and then an activity such as writing ones own prayer. Each page also has a beautiful highly detailed adult coloring book design to color and decorate. The pages are thick so they can color to their hearts content while they ponder the wonders of GOD’s word.

The Beginner’s Bible Activity Book

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The Beginner’s Bible is another favorite around here. I think all three of my kids have had the books. The art style is very familiar. The Activity Book is one of those books that I kick myself for not knowing of it’s existence. This book is so full of different educational activities and work pages. I was shocked at all the different activities inside. It’s preschool aimed educational pages use the Bible to encourage growth spiritually and in knowledge of basic concepts. The pages are super thick and would make a great gift but also a great add in to your preschool curriculum. It gives opportunities to practice writing, counting, word search puzzles, patterns, and so many other basic concepts. It is my new favorite take along book for us to practice our skills outside of the house.

The Beginner’s Bible Coloring Book

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The Activity Book is wonderful but a great companion for it is the Coloring Book from The Beginner’s Bible. These books are great because they are made well. The pages are thick and the colors don’t bleed through. Lou colored her mawmaw a picture from the book and I went to tear it out…trust me those pages aren’t going anywhere. They are in there good. The pages didn’t tear easy either. I ended up having to cut it out. The art is great. We have always really enjoyed the talented artists of the Beginner’s Bible series. Both girls and boys will enjoy coloring the stories from the Bible in this coloring book.

God’s Easter Miracles: Adventures Of The Sea Kids

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Story books are also great to include as a gift because they are the gift that keeps giving. God’s Easter Miracles is such a great story. It tells the story of a autistic fish who learns a big lesson along with a few friends that also learn along the way. The story is told in a way that helps the kids to understand without being too much for them. We hear about autism a lot in real life and many of us are touched by someone who is autistic but rarely do I see child’s book cover the subject. The story is about the big Easter egg hunt. There are special eggs to be found and everyone wants one. One fish finds two and the adults suggest he should share with another child who is autistic. The boy doesn’t want to but then the unthinkable happens and another child in their Sunday School class is very badly hurt. They all learn about GOD’s grace and the miracles that can happen. It has such a happy ending. Very cute store with bright colorful pages. There is also a little hunt of your own on each page…Each page has a hidden fish symbol to find. Can you find them all? Lou did. 🙂

Ready, Set, Find Easter

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Board books are a great add in to younger children’s basket! Ready, Set, Find Easter is perfect for that little infant or toddler in your life. It tells a simple story that you can read to the child but also has a few items on each page for them to find. The art is adorable and the little ones will love the bright cute pictures. The items are easy to find but give the child a sense of success at locating them all. Lou had some fun looking for the different items on each page. The colors are beautiful and the pages are durable. They have page finders on the edges of each page so little hands can find the page they want to look at easier. It also makes turning the pages for them easier. I plan on giving this to my new nephew for his first Easter and I know he will have so much fun with it. It’s durable enough for him to chew on (let’s face it…there will be some chewing involved) but also bright enough to keep him entertained. The story it tells is perfect for this time of year but can be told all through the year!

Any or all of these books would make for a great and healthy Easter basket treat! 

Now I have a freebie for you! I made this for my daughter because she wanted a bunny to color. Not just any bunny, she wanted a mommy drawn bunny. So I thought I would share it will all of you. 🙂 By the way, Lou has named her Miss Buns but feel free to change that. 🙂

Free Printable Paper Doll Bunny!









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