Give Your Train Tracks New Life With Old Tracks, New Tricks

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Give Your Train Tracks New Life With
Old Tracks, New Tricks
By Jessica Petersen

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What kids doesn’t love their wooden train set! Old Tacks, New Tricks is a book that actually breathes new life into those wooden train tracks. It’s an adorable book about a some new friends showing that you can always find a new way to play and even old trains can learn new tricks. It’s been a great inspiration around here!

This book shows kids something I try to instill in my children. The tracks find ways to be themselves and to live their own lives without being forced to do what is expected of them. It’s a great lesson for all of us to learn. It doesn’t matter if the other tracks are just letting the trains run things. If we all stick together and think outside the boundaries of convention, we can all learn new things about ourselves and we can all learn new tricks. No great invention was ever discovered because someone stayed inside the lines.

After reading Old Tracks, New Tricks, Lou immediately wanted to make her tracks new. The book has several ideas for different ways to update and play with your track pieces in beautiful full bright colorful images. It has instructions for the different ways to play in the back of the book with colorful images as well! One of our favorite ideas was to paint the tracks and decorate them with glitter and stickers. Lou who loves to paint her finger nails wanted to use her polish to paint her tracks. It seemed like a good fine motor skill builder and a great way to use those forty bottles of finger nail polish she got for Christmas.They turned out really cute. The polish just glossed and glittered them up a bit.

All the tracks and trains in the book sport these fun cartoon faces. The expressions on the different tracks brought them to life for Lou. She gave each of them a specific voice for when they talked in the book. When the bossy loud trains yelled at the poor tracks she would make me give them a grumpy voice. They are full of hot steam after all. 🙂

The tracks learn there are new tricks outside of being just a track for trains and the trains learn that tracks can come up with some fun tricks too!

We can learn from each other as well!

I have a few printables to go along with this book. There are two versions. The first is a full page letter made from train tracks. The kids can color the page and use them to spell their name on their wall or use them as a guide to create the letters with track pieces. The second is a set of flash cards to use to build with or to color. 🙂 Be sure to check out the book on Amazon! 

Full Page Letters

Half Page Flash Cards

Character art is used with express written permission from Jessica Petersen and The Innovation Press.

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