A Study In Patience No Prep Worksheet And Activity Pack

A Study In Patience No Prep Worksheet And Activity Pack

13 Pages Of Activities To Explore the Word Patience

There are 9 different worksheets for copy work, writing skills, and creative writing building and 4 creative activities such as drawing and coloring.

I wanted to create a set of worksheets that I could use to help the kids understand the meaning of good character traits. Patience is the first of that set. This pack is a study in the meaning of patience as a word and different places it can be used in action. They can learn the definition of patience, how to spell and write it, the difference between patient and impatient, what the Bible says about patience, and more.

Although, good character can not be taught with only a worksheet. These pages can give the child an understanding of the definition of patience. In order for a child to develop the skill of patience and be able to put it into action, they have to learn self control and practice the skill. Just as if they were learning to play ball. We learn how to spell ball, how to write ball, and what the word ball means but without practicing the skill of throwing the ball they can’t improve how far the ball will go.

To teach a child about patience here are a few tips:

  1. Model patience yourself. This is actually the number one tip for teaching children about any good character trait. Kids are going to mimic what they see you doing. If you want them to learn to be patient, show them patience.
  2. Encourage taking turns and waiting patiently for each turn.
  3. Let them practice waiting. I know we all hate to wait for things and most of consider waiting as a waste of time but the ability to wait without stressing is a skill we still need to practice. Let them wait. Explain to them that there is a certain time for something to happen and until that time, they have wait with patience.
  4. Explain why they have to wait. If they understand the reason for the wait and that there is a set end point to the wait, it might make it easier for them to handle the waiting. Patience comes with practice.

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