Welcome A New Baby Book Ideas For Young New Siblings

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Welcome A New Baby Book Ideas For Young New Siblings

Having a new baby around the house means BIG changes! Here are a couple of books to help guide those new big brothers and sisters.

For the younger new siblings…

GOD Bless Our Baby

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This is such a CUTE book for small children. It is a board book and has thick sturdy pages for those little hands. Each page is adorned with adorable animals who are welcoming new babies and a rhyming poem that tells the young child what to expect. GOD Bless Our Baby would be a good book to read to the 1-4 year old age group that are being promoted to the spot of big sibling. It’s a great precurser to the discussion about what is going to happen and how they should act when the new baby arrives. I love the simple rhymes that help little ones understand all the changes that are about to happen. The book tells about all the fun wonderful things that the little ones can do with a new baby while also explaining that they are going to have to follow some new rules such as being quieter for the baby to sleep.

For the older new siblings…

Ready, Set… Baby!

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Ready, Set…Baby is a book that is absolutely perfect for even experienced big brothers and sisters. It a fun book that all three of my kids enjoyed. It is aimed at the older 4-12 age group and told from the point of view of the children in the book. The kids in the book tell what it’s like to have a new baby and also cover some of the fears kids have when there is a new baby. It’s more of a how to book than a story book sharing tips of what to do and expect. The kids liked it because it’s wrote as if a child is actually telling them from experience what changes are about to happen. The kids let the reader know they are about to go on a wonderful journey and it’s a good thing. They talk about all the fun things they are going to get to do with the new baby. They even cover the topic of baby poop which is the first thing my kids asked about when we told them about Lou lol!

Lou did a video review on this one.


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