Meeting Moses Book Review

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Meeting Moses Book Review

Just in time to fit nicely in your kid’s Easter basket is Meeting Moses and book about a little boy who gets the chance to meet his Bible hero as a child and go on an amazing adventure with him for his birthday.

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Join Max in an adventure of a life time as he finds himself taking a time machine back to meet his Bible hero Moses. Max and Moses become close friends as he tells Moses about the wonderful future GOD has planned for Moses.

The book is full of interesting and color images. Lou Lou went gaga over the images. She browsed each image to see all the details. The story and characters are also wonderfully written. The boys in the story are easy to relate to because they seem like normal children just like the children reading or listening to the story. Max even thinks that if Moses was alive during his time that they would be friends. It really helps the children to see that the Bible characters we read about are indeed real people.

The story includes the possibility of time travel. It really made the children think about what they would do if they had a time machine and which Bible character they would like to go back and spend a day with. I even pulled out a lesson with that one and had them write a paper about which Bible character they would like to see and why. There are many ways to expand this book with other activities and discussions. In the book, Moses learns that GOD has plans for him. You can tell the kids that GOD has plans for them as well and even though we don’t have a special time machine to see how things will work out that if they trust in GOD and follow his path than they will find out what those plans are.

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More from the author:

About Meeting Moses

Based on the Old Testament, Meeting Moses enchants and inspires children with the type of entertainment that children ages 5-8 have come to expect. The illustrations are truly beautiful and worthy of animation.

Parents will appreciate that Moses becomes an excellent role model for children to follow, even as a child. The author’s goal for the Meeting Bible Heroes series is to help children develop their own special relationship with God.


It’s an honest mistake when Max gets to use his father’s time traveling machine to visit ancient Egypt and meet his favorite Bible hero. Told from a children’s point of view, Max gets to have an amazing adventure with Moses, whom he first meets as a child. At the same time, he also meets a young, antagonistic Ramses, the future Pharaoh of Egypt.

Max is invited to the Egyptian palace by the Princess, where he meets Ramses’ father, the Pharaoh of Egypt. Max’s modern day appearance and his behavior seems strange to the Pharaoh, but Max is given permission to stay. While playing in the courtyard, Max takes out his futuristic Mega-Pod and reveals to young Moses his true Jewish identity and his life’s destiny. Just as Moses starts to figure things out, Ramses grabs the Mega-Pod and learns that he is going to be the next ruler of Egypt. Believing that Max possesses evil magic, Ramses commands the guards to take Max to jail.

While Ramses is trying to figure out in vain how to use the time traveling machine for his own advantage, Moses finds and frees Max from jail. Later that night they find the time traveling machine, and together they travel to Mt. Sinai, where they meet a much older Moses who is talking to God in front of the burning bush. Fast forward, and they are witnessing God inscribe the Ten Commandments into the Mt. Sinai mountain. The boys also get to see the older Moses as he descends from the Mt. Sinai to witness the Jewish people in the dessert worshiping a golden calf. After Moses destroys the sacred Ten Commandments and is about to destroy the golden calf, the boys decide that this would be a good time to leave.

Back at the Egyptian palace, Moses is ecstatic that God talks to him. They soon enter Pharaoh’s court, where he is viewing Max’s Mega-Pod. The Pharaoh learns of the Ten Plagues that will devastate his Egyptian people, and then views Moses parting the Red Sea. He wants to know how Moses could perform such a miracle. A much wiser young Moses responds that you just need to have faith.

When Pharaoh demands that the time traveling machine be brought to him so that Max can help change the future of the Egyptians, young Moses suggests that it might be easier if Pharaoh just changes the way that he thinks. Max gets into the time traveling machine and takes advantage of the opportunity to escape.

Max recognizes that things have gotten a little strange since he arrived in Egypt, so he pushes the rewind button, and it’s working. It’s like he was never there. Arriving home, his mother was so worried. His wants to hear about Max’s travels, but he also decides to punish Max. It is however Max’s birthday, so Max runs back to the time traveling machine and pushes the rewind button again. Now it’s like nothing ever happened, and at the dinner table, Max’s family sings “Happy birthday, dear Max”. Before going to bed, Max writes down in his journal about meeting Moses, and wonders what other Bible heroes would he like to meet.

Which Bible character would you like to spend a day with?



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