The JESUS Storybook Bible And Storybooks Reviews

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The JESUS Storybook Bible Review
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The latest addition to our bedtime routine is the Jesus Storybook Bible. With the lovely artwork and easy to understand stories, it makes the Bible come alive for Lou. There are several things about this particular book that excites me and my four year old. The book looks awesome on the shelf. I know that isn’t exactly an important reason to buy a book but it does spend most of the time on the shelf and the visual appeal does add value to the book in my opinion. I love the color and feel of the outer cover. The blue color sticks out and shines along with her other books. The book is also very well made. As I said I love the feel of the materials from the hard cover to the slick thick pages inside. It’s made well enough to be an heirloom book. I could see Lou reading it to her children in the future (she has informed me I will have 10 little Loulous in the future so she will be reading a lot :)).

The stories are written in simple wordage to make them easily understood for little readers. The font is easy to read and large enough for me to see well, even when the book is bouncing up and down as a small child become excited at the concept of just one more story.

The colorful pages are full of bright images depicting the stories inside. We were all intrigued by the simple style used. I have always been a little partial to the sketchy style art. The vivid colors on each page keep Lou enthralled as she points to all the different things going on in the story.

We rate this as one of our new favorite books. She is even asking to pack it for a future vacation. 🙂

Other Great Books For Storytime

There are also other books that include the stories and artwork from The Jesus Storybook Bible. They come in board book form for even smaller hands. I thought they would be perfect for my newest little nephew that is going to make his debut any day now. We were able to review two of these awesome board books.

Angels in the Bible For Little Ones

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This book is full of bright colorful board book pages that tell stories of angels in the Bible.

Little ones can learn about the angel who foretold the birth of Jesus as well as others.

I thought these would be great for baby hands but Lou also enjoyed them. They were great for short story time and take along books to keep in my purse. She has almost memorized the stories and has become interested in angels in general. Again the artwork is great. Each page is full of lovely artwork and easy to read stories.

Found Psalm 23
Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago

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Found Psalm 23 is another great board book for little hands to teach them about the Bible. This book focuses on the Psalm 23.It is more of a promise book. It tells all the wonderful things GOD does for us as His children. It tells of his love and care in a way that a child can understand. Very cute book. I’m sure my little nephew will enjoy it as he gets older but for now, Lou has decided it’s our go to book for when she is upset. Okay I will admit that I thought these would be awesome for the new baby but I’m just not sure we will be able to part with them till he is actually old enough to enjoy them. About a year should do. 😉

As with the other books in this post, the art is one of the top points. The colorful, bright, and vivid images are sure to keep even the smallest child entertained. The story teaches a child about all the things GOD does while also comforting them. It tells that no matter what happens, GOD is there. Even in the dark scary places, GOD is there. It’s a great reminder to even us adults as we read this story to our little ones. Sometimes it is easy for us to tell them that GOD is there but than in our dark times we forget that message. Reading this book to an open and trusting heart such a small child should also help us to remember that GOD is there for us as well.

Our next book review post will be all about books for bringing a new baby home! I’m really excited to share these books with you as well as more news about our newest family member.

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