Animal Beauty By Kristin Roskifte Kid Book Review

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Animal Beauty By Kristin Roskifte Kid Book Review

Animal Beauty is a book that teaches kids that the best advice is to be themselves. 

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This really is such a cute book about some Zoo animals finding a beauty magazine and then using the advice to change who they are. In the end they learn that the best version of themselves they can be is the original version.

I think one of the reasons Lou loved this book so much was the art. She really likes the bright colors and pictures of beauty products. Lou is one little girl who loves her fashion. She often says that fashion is her super power. I’m pretty sure they has picked that up from somewhere as I’m surely not the fashion role model around here. She was drawn to the cover like a magnet with it’s girly colors and images of makeup. The story also caught her attention. She thought the animals were funny and it was silly that they were getting advice from a magazine. The author does a great job making the story enjoyable and fun while also hammering in the main point of the story.

The story starts with an elephant finding a magazine and learns that GASP! he has wrinkles but the magazine knows how to fix that. The elephant passes along the magazine and all it’s “good” advice to another animals who find that they too are not fashionable. This goes on till all the animals have changed who they are on the outside because they aren’t the standard for human beauty. They then learn a valuable lesson from a child guest who gives them the best advice of all.

Be Yourself!

Our favorite character in the story was the monkey… poor monkey thinks that he needs to remove all his hair to look good. Every time we read the part about the monkey Lou laughs so hard. That silly monkey shaves himself bald.

This was just such a cute book with a very important lesson. It’s best to be the real you and no matter what advice a fashion magazine gives it is better to listen to yourself.

The best advice to give is to be yourself!


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