Choosing A Bible For Bible Study 3 Different Bible Reviews

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Choosing A Bible For Bible Study 3 Different Bible Reviews

Picking out a Bible for my kids is just important to me as picking out their Math, English, or other subject curriculum books. Although picking a new Bible is a little different than other books because we are looking for something other than a plot line. The words in between the covers are fairly familiar to us which is why looking for a Bible is more than just reading the snippet on the back or being intrigued by the cover page. A Bible is more like a life companion. It’s a book that helps guide their spiritual journey. It’s one of the most important books they pick up every day.

There are several things I look for when choosing our

Quality – Is it well made?
Text – is it easy to read?
Cover – Is the outer cover interesting? They are kids and kids like fun covers.
Extras – Study Bibles are a great way for kids to build on the lessons.
Translation version- Normally we look for Bibles that are the same version for each child so the words match. We usually try to get KJV for church use because that is the generally accepted Bible at our church although we have been known to use NIV version at home as it is easier to read for the kids. Tricky sticky topic with some people so I won’t go into it. Some things are better left to personal preferences.


NIV Investigator’s Holy Bible
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For CB we have the NIV Investigator’s Holy Bible. This Bible was made for her. She is a huge fan of FBI, NCIS, Sherlock Holmes detective shows. She loves digging deeper and investigating things. This Bible was the perfect choice for her. It has all my requirements and then some.

It’s made with high quality materials. The cover is hard with bright vivid colors and an interesting image. She was automatically drawn to the image. The cover and title made her interested in what was inside. The text is dark blue with burnt orange numbers and titles. It’s clearly printed in an easy to follow layout.

To me, the extras in this book really make it special. It has cute images with added info throughout the book. She has learned many new things just from reading the little add ins. This Bible is a great study Bible to initiate more discussions in the classroom to build upon. Two characters guide the kids through investigating the evidence to close the case with how each story relates to the child. My daughter liked the idea of the terms used and being a detective to find the clues and learning new facts about different places. It really helped her to see how the Bible is still relevant today even if it was written a long time ago. The scene painted a picture for her to be able to picture better in her mind what things might have been like then.

NIV The Plans I Have For You Holy Bible
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The Plans I Have For You Holy Bible is a promise bible. It shares the promises and stories in a little more detail and aimed at children. This one is Bub’s choice and fits well within my requirements. It’s quality made with a hard cover that showcases a colorful interesting image of children and kites. Inside you find easy to read text in a black font with blue titles. This one’s pages a thicker and more like book paper so they won’t rip as easy as some Bibles do. This one is great for an older kid like Bub in the 8 – 12 age group.

The extras in this book are really nice. They have been little devotional lessons all on their own. Each lesson tells a story, explains it a little more, and then ends with the lesson in an engaging way that is easy for kids to understand.

Precious Moments Precious Prayers Bible
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When I was younger I had a Precious Moments Bible. My mom purchased both my brother and myself one and I am pretty sure we both still have those Bibles. They were special to us. I won’t lie and say that sentimental feelings didn’t bias my opinions of this one just a little. Although I am 34 years old and that Bible is still in readable condition even after 30 some years of use… 🙂 I was excited to share this one with Loulou. The adorable artwork has always had a special place in our home and this cover was absolutely gorgeous. It’s a hard cover that has withstood the hands on interest of a 4 year for a few days now without damage. It has a smooth feel to it kinda soft and sleek but with a little puff to it. The pages are thin and may rip if handled roughly…the extras included are on thicker paper.

This Bible includes short prayers inside as well as an 8 page personalize-able section. They are on thicker paper, include cute art and come in all kinds of different themes for the kids to use throughout the day. They are super cute and my little one has enjoyed reading them over and over again. They usually rhyme in a sing song way which she enjoys and makes it easy for her to learn. Definitely a cute addition to our Bible class. I think this Bible is great for a younger child in the 4-8 age group. I do think this lovely version of the Precious Moments Prayer Bible is going to be a wonderful keepsake for my daughter just as mine was for me.

What do you look for when picking a new Bible?


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