Learning To Read With Reading Kingdom Online K-3 Reading Program Review

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Learning To Read With Reading Kingdom
Online K-3 Reading Program Review

Looking for an online reading program to help your kids excel at reading? Reading Kingdom promises to do just that. 🙂 Reading Kingdom is an online reading curriculum program that helps kids learn to read with the Six Skill Integrated Method. The site features an adorable owl character guide that helps the child navigate the site. They start the kids out with a placement test to see where to begin the program. The kids are supposed to do this test alone to get a true gauge of where they place. It can be started and stopped as needed.

The site teaches kids from the ground up working with letters, sounds, and images. Loulou was intrigued with the different sites. The onscreen keyboard was one of her favorite features as it has helped her practice her mouse skills. She did need some help getting started and it does seem like the program requires a basic knowledge of letters before starting it. It goes straight into find the letters on the keyboard after the placement test. It is great to help a child practice their reading and mouse skills. 🙂 The animations are cute and Lou really enjoyed the colors and sounds. It also works on her iPad as well as her computer so she can take it with her where ever she has internet access.

Loulou is just starting her reading journey and I am always on the look out for sites and programs that I think might interest her. Getting that attention and interest sparked is one of the most important first steps to teaching a kid anything. The more they want to learn the more they will. Reading Kingdom has a lot of different things to help capture their interest.

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