Cool & Calm Coloring For Kid 3 Great Coloring Books For Girls! Book Reviews

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Cool & Calm Coloring For Kid 3 Great Coloring Books For Girls!
Book Reviews

Coloring isn’t just a creative activity but a calming one as well. The recent craze of adult coloring books has swept through our house with good reason. Sitting down with a brand new box of crayons, markers, or colored pencils and a fine detailed beautiful coloring book is such a great way to release some stress and calm the nerves. Kids need that quiet time. Kids can get stressed, over stimulated, anxious, and wired just like adults. Everyday they are going from one activity to the next with school and after school activities. It’s enough to make my adult sized brain swim and I can only imagine how they feel…it probably gets pretty overwhelming. Cool & Calm Coloring for Kids books are made to help

This series features:

  • Gorgeous illustrations with colored backgrounds that guide children through each design
  • Numerous illustrations for children to choose from that will help them relax, focus, and create something beautiful
  • Thick paper to keep their best efforts from bleeding through and ruining the other side

It’s perfect for a quiet after-school activity, in the car, or anytime kids need to unwind. This awesome series of coloring books is inspired by kindergarten teachers’ use of art therapy for “quiet time.”
(Ages 7+)

Fabulous Fashion Coloring Fun

24 pages + 6 pp. of stickers
ISBN 978-1-4380-1032-8
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With 140 stickers this book is sure to be a winner! Both my girls are all into fashion. Loulou is my fashionista who loves to play dress up and give everyone makeovers and CB is all about the runway as she is always ready to model new outfits. This book was perfect for both of them. It included paper dolls they could color and design their clothes. The clothes comes in the form of stickers that you color and then place on the picture to dress the dolls. There are tons of other pictures to color as well. The art is simply amazing. The girls were in awe of each page.

There are all different kinds of fashions in the book. The girls can decorate the girls in the book to match their own style. I like the fact that even the clothing is full of small details to color. I can’t wait to sit down with my girls and color some of these fashions myself… I mean… okay I’m not going to lie… I love paper dolls myself. 🙂 This book is going to be the one I reach for whenever we have coloring time together.


Animal Babies

48 pp.
ISBN 978-1-4380-1031-1
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I have two words to say about this book…HOW CUTE! The Animal Babies book has got to be the cutest coloring book…no…the cutest drawings book I have EVER seen. There are some pages that are too cute for words. The girls went crazy for this coloring book. I love the fact that the pages are thick and smooth so they can use markers on them without them bleeding through because I think there would be tears if one single page in this book were to get messed up.


From baby ducks to baby buffalo images there is just too much cuteness inside the covers of this coloring book. The line are is dark and clear with a doodle look to it. I like the style of art as much as the adorable images.


Fairies To Color

24 pages + 6 pp. of stickers
ISBN 978-1-4380-1033-5

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Fairies abound in this Fairies To Color Coloring book. Not only little fairy sprites but also all different kinds of fantasy and enchanted creatures such as unicorns and sea creatures grace these pages. What makes it even better is the fact it comes with stickers to color and decorate with. Loulou LOVED coloring the different stickers. She spent an hour just coloring stickers.


The best part about these books are the quality of the paper used. They are thick pages that feel nice to color on and the color doesn’t bleed through. The pages detach easily to be able to color easier and for more than one child to color out of the same book (great feature says this mother of two girls who want to color the same themed pictures at the same time). The stickers are also easy to color on. The marker, crayons, and colored pencils all work great on the paper. The art is really nice and detailed. These books are sure to help kids calm down and focus better.



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