3DLightFX Star Wars Stormtrooper Night Light Review Light Up Their Imagination With These AWESOME 3d Wall Lights! #ad

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3DLightFX Star Wars Stormtrooper Night Light Review
Light Up Their Imagination With These AWESOME 3d Wall Lights!

There is very few things in this world that make my son go “Wow!” most of them are pixalated and reside in a world on the TV screen but occasionally there are things outside of Minecraft that excite him. Very occasionally…Today was one of those occasions. I have been waiting on this particular package for a very long time but after opening it…definitely worth the wait.

The newest “best gift ever” at our house has arrived and my son hasn’t been able to take his eyes off it since I put it up. Here is the 3DLightFX Star Wars Stormtrooper Night Light! Hands down one of the coolest wall decor products that has ever hung in my son’s room…possibly the entire house. 🙂

Available for purchase at Target and Target.com.

I will admit I had a really hard time deciding on which light would be the best to review as this was a product that all the kids would love….they make My Little Pony and Princess lights too and Lou would have went just as crazy for one of them. I thought this Stormtrooper is was unique and would pull together our Star Wars themed decorating scheme. 

Straight out of the box we were enthused with the awesomeness that is this helmet. That was before we even turned it on. The helmet was light but it feels well made. The plastic is thick and the paint job is perfect. On the side is an on off switch which also includes a timer mode so it will turn itself off. My husband quickly screwed off the battery holder and we put in the 3 AA batteries it needs. Then we turned it on and my son feel even deeper into love with his new light. I’m trying hard to find a new word other than AWESOME to describe it but that word is the best one for the job and the exact phrasing my son used so it will do. It was awesome!

I was a little apprehensive of the wall sticker because I was scared I wouldn’t get it on right. I have a horrible track record with wall stickers and screen protectors and wrinkles drive me crazy. I thought about putting him up without the sticker but my son wouldn’t have it. He wanted to see him bust through the wall so I thought I would give it a shot and if it didn’t work I would just toss it. I was surprised by how easy it was to apply. I followed the directions and did what they said and in no time our storm-trooper was busting through and looking cool (didn’t sound cool when I said it to my son either but hey I’m just a corny kind of girl.). I actually did mess up a couple of times and even tore the sticker once but the material the sticker is made out of hid my mistake perfectly. It also comes off the wall easy and left the wall the same as it was before it was there. I had to scoot some of it over just a bit and it came off easy and stuck right back on. It will rip easily and if you have to take the whole thing off, my guess is it wouldn’t survive so put it where you want it.

The sticker has place markers for where you should put the screws to hold up the light. It makes placement super easy and quick. I wish all wall decor was this simple.

Once the sticker was up and the screws in place, the light was ready to hang. It slid onto the screws and there he was looking over my son’s bed. The on/off switch is easy to reach and you can turn it on, off, or in timer mode. The switch clicks when it switches modes.

I’m not sure how long battery life lasts yet because we just hung it up on the wall but it looks amazing!

Find out more about the different characters they have on Target.com or in store at Target!


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