Count And Trace Valentines Day Number Cards 1 to 20

Count And Trace Valentines Day Number Cards 1 to 20

Practice counting to 20 with these number cards!

In the past we really enjoyed the trace and count cards we have made but I wanted to make these just a little more interesting by adding the addition of a ten frame and tally marks. Now on each card the child can read the word, count the items, trace the number, count the tally marks, and count the dots in the tens frame. 🙂 I also included up to the number 20.

The theme is chocolate candies. It matches the clip counting card set here. 

Instruction for use:

Print and laminate the 5 pages included in the pdf
Cut out the cards.
To make the activity a little harder cut across the dotted line and use them as a puzzle.

More uses for the cards:

The child can use their finger to trace around the number, color the number, or use play dough to build the number.

Another fun addition would be to use counting blocks or pompoms to place one on each of the red circles to count out the number.

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