Preschool Winter Wear Themed Free Printable Number Counting Flash Cards

Preschool Winter Wear Themed Free Printable Number Counting Flash Cards

Cold weather is firmly taking hold of our area ! Snow is even in the prediction for this weekend! I have been working on activities that Lou will enjoy but also play into the current excitement at the possibility of the cold white stuff. We have been playing card games with our Winter weather wear cards, learning Spanish colors with flash cards (<- coming soon :)), and practicing our numbers with these number and tracing flash cards.  This colorful theme has been a lot of fun to work with and learn with! We do have a few more printables to come this week… I have made a super puzzle pack with different puzzles and another winter themed coloring activity.

This pack includes the numbers 1 to 12 but also practices colors, reading, and counting. The child will be reading color words, winter wear words, counting objects up to 12, and tracing the number with their fingers or writing it.

I made this set smaller than our last set of trace and count cards. There are four cards on each page. I found this smaller size to be more paper friendly as well as small hand friendly. Lou liked them better than the other cards.

You could even laminate them to make them dry erase-able and reusable for a larger classroom. 🙂

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Preschool Winter Wear Themed Free Printable Number Counting Flash Cards

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