Free Printable Winter Wear Themed Card Game Old Maid, Matching, and Go Fish

Free Printable Winter Wear Themed Card Game
Old Maid, Matching, and Go Fish

Lately, Lou has been crazy about card games. She got a few in her stocking at Christmas and we have been playing round after round of Go Fish, Headbands, and Old Maid. I had the idea to create a new game for her to not only work with her new interest of card games but also help her practice her color recognition and matching skills. Together we created this card set full of a rainbow of different colored winter wear such as hats, mittens, boots, and jackets.

Set up for all card games:
Print the pdf set 2 times and cut around the outside lines of each page.
Glue to paper. Glue around the edges of each card. Construction or scrap booking paper work best. 🙂
Wait for the glue to dry.
Cut out the card and laminate them leaving a slight space between each card.
Cut around each card leaving a lip of lamination to seal the card to it’s backing.

There are eight different colors for each item with five different clothing items and one snowman making the total of cards around 41.  It is quite a stack when completed.

How to play each game:

Go Fish:

Remove the snowman card from the deck for this game.
Deal out 8 to 10 card each depending on how many players you have playing. The more you have playing the less cards you deal. Place the left over deck in the middle.
Take turns asking each other for a certain colored item to try to create a match. If the player you ask doesn’t have them item draw one from the left over deck.
Player who has the most matches wins.

Old Maid:

Only add one snowman card to the deck.

Deal out all the cards equally to each player.
Take turns drawing from each others hands to create matches in your own cards.
The player with the snowman card at the end after all other cards have been matched is the winner. (I know this isn’t the rules of the original game but it makes for more fun when they are actually trying to get the snowman instead of avoiding it.)

Matching Game:

Lay cards out on a flat surface face down.
Take turns flipping to cards over to try to find a match. If the cards match the player gets to keep the match and take another turn, if they don’t than they are flipped back over and the next player gets to try to find a match.

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Free Printable Winter Wear Themed Card Game Old Maid, Matching, and Go Fish

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