Juicy Juice Juice Box Light Up Diorama Recycled Kid Craft Decoration

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Juicy Juice Juice Box Light Up Diorama  Kid Craft Decoration

Christmas break and the kids are in the middle of the too excited to handle the coming events yet already bored. Bored excited children is like a perfect storm with the eye focused on the stack of presents neatly wrapped and sitting under the tree. I’ve been there all week. My house looks like Santa’s elves took up baking and toy making right in the middle of the kitchen. The living room is on the verge of being condemned. I just don’t know where Santa is going to leave their new toys when their old toys are already taking up that space. I’m thinking it’s time for a clean up and out. I’m also thinking I need to keep those little hands busy before they get too itchy for wrapping paper. It’s craft time! (yes, there may have been some evil genius laughter and hand rubbing accompanying that statement. 🙂 )

Today we are going to make a new decoration for your tree, desk, mantle, or any one of the number of other areas the kids work is displayed. This craft is super child friendly, can be creative with the addition of free choice, and uses recycled materials. We are going to make Juicy Juice box dioramas! The best part about this craft is letting them drink the Juicy Juice before getting started. They all sat down at the table and had a quick snack of 100% apple Juicy Juice and string cheese in preparation of getting their craft skills honed.

Materials you will need:

Juice Juice Juice Box
Wrapping Paper or Construction paper
Cotton, straw, or other filler
Small ornaments
Tape or glue

Step 1: Have the child wrap the juice box just like you would a present. It’s a great fine motor building skill and they are probably already in super wrapping mode so they are already excited at the concept. You can use wrapping paper, construction paper, or scrap booking paper equally well for this project. I used this black paper for mine but the kids used wrapping paper.  I had an idea to poke holes in it and make stars but the kids weren’t particularly crazy about that idea and the blunt ended scissors would cooperate with us on that one. 🙂

Step 2: Cut the middle of your juice box out. Older kids can do this on their own but younger kids might need a little help. Not one of our rectangles turned out perfectly but that adds to the charm of the project. They are each one unique and creative in their own way.

Step 3: Decorate the inside of the diorama! We used these tiny ornaments we found in a pack at the dollar store but you can use any small toys as well. Shopkins, LEGO men, or their own sculptures made out of clay would work! For filling we used Santa beard (white fuzzy yarn) but you can also use cotton balls, hay, or nothing at all. The choices are endless!

How to make it light up! 

I know I mentioned in the title that it lights up. Well, this is how I accomplished that. I cut a hole in the end and stuck one of the lights from the tree into the hole. When the tree lights up, so does the whole box! It looks better in person but here is a shot of the light up action with this one.

That is all there is to this quick easy kid craft! I would love to see what your creative kids come up with. Please share with us on Instagram by tagging @miniaturemasterminds or use the hashtag #miniaturemasterminds!

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