Personalize Your Party Invites with PercyVites Party Invites and Shopkins!

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Personalize Your Party Invites with PercyVites Party Invites and Shopkins!

Looking to host an awesome party for you little one soon? Is your house covered in happy faced tiny plastic foods aka Shopkins?
Check out PercyVites and for their new lines…including a line of SHOPKINS themed invites and thank you cards!
I know my girls are Shopkin addicts and couldn’t have been more thrilled with the cupcake rings from and the video invites from PercyVites. I sent my daughter an invite to her own party just so she could watch it over and over again. It made her day to see her own picture in a Shopkins video.

Plan the perfect celebration with Shopkins™ PercyVites personalized video invitations and decor items and get your little shopper excited about their next party.

PercyVites were very easy to set up. They walk you through the process of creating your personalized invites. All you do is fill in a few form questions such as the child’s name and location of the party. They even leave a place for a special message such as if you are going to be outside or if it’s a pool party to bring a swimsuit. You pick the date for them to send and the email addresses of the people you are inviting.  When they arrive in the inbox of the invitee, they will have three boxes they can mark if they are able to attend or not along with the info about the party. They can also download the video to watch over and over again. The videos are so cute and my daughter is about on her fifth time watching it already! They even have Thank You cards to send after the party!

Not only do they have invites featuring Shopins, but there are tons of other characters so you can be sure to find your child’s favorite characters!

Also to add to your Shopkins theme are these adorable cupcake rings from! Check out this awesome step by step Shopkins cake that would blow everyone away! I might be able to accomplish those sprinkle cupcakes but that cake is way out of my league even with step by step instructions. 🙂 Although these rings would even make my attempt at cupcakes look pretty awesome I do believe.  That is if my daughters would actually let me put any of them on cupcakes or give any away. I don’t see it happening. They do love them cute little faces.


Wednesday, December 21 at 12PM EST PercyVites will be tweeting out all sorts of holiday themed questions!

Log in to Twitter and follow @percyvites for more info!

I can’t help it… these are TOO CUTE!

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