Where To Find Cheap Sensory Play Materials Such As Giant Water Beads, Water Beads, Square Water Beads and More!

Where To Find Cheap Sensory Play Materials Such As Giant Water Beads, Water Beads, Square Water Beads and More!

If you are like us than sensory play is an everyday occurrence and the expense can began to add up but I have done some research and have a few go to places for my materials. I asked the question on Instagram if anyone else would be interested in knowing where I find ours and there was a positive response so here you go. Where we find our inexpensive materials for sensory play!

Where To Find Cheap Sensory Play Materials Such As Giant Water Beads, Water Beads, Square Water Beads and More!

It is pretty simple. I have four major go to places for most of my educational materials.

Mighty Dollar
Dollar Tree

You may also catch me at Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby but mostly for my adult crafting needs and rarely for our home school supplies.

For water beads I have found no better deal than those on Wish.com. Looking at them right now you can get 50 of these giant water beads for $1.89 shipped as they are on sale right now. I paid a little more for ours, $3.00 shipped. A pack of these will last us through 4 play sessions. They are fun but they smoosh into a pile of mush easily so I would not suggest them for kids under 4 and even then with supervision.

Where To Find Cheap Sensory Play Materials Such As Giant Water Beads, Water Beads, Square Water Beads and More!

Our newest find is these square water beads. I never knew they came in different shapes. I got these on wish.com too. They took two weeks to delivery but for $2.00 shipped for a pack of 50, I will not complain. These only made it through one play time but only because we grew them all to use in building play.

Why have I not heard of these square water sensory blocks till now?!? #sensory #homeschoolblogger #kidblogger #sensoryplay

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You can also get 10,000 normal sized water beads for $2.00 and sometimes less on Wish.com. You can fill a bathtub full for less than $10.00! We have and it was amazing…till we had to get them out of the tub and then it kinda wasn’t amazing. I finally let them dry out over night and swept them up with a broom.

dsc_0850 dsc_0906

There are several other educational materials you can get pretty cheap on wish if you have the patience to wait for them to come in but if you can’t wait the next best place in the Dollar Tree. They too have the normal sized water beads in the floral section. You can also get great add ins for your seasonal sensory bins there such as this hay, leaves, and mini pumpkins.


Down their floral aisle you can find sea shells, pebbles, rocks, sand, and many other bases for your bins. You never know what they will have and sometimes different Dollar Trees have different materials.

You can also grab the materials to make play dough and other squishy substances here such as Cream of Tarter in a huge bottle for 1. Flour. Baking Soda. Corn Starch. Food Coloring. Baby oil and powder.


Mighty Dollar is another place I could get lost in forever and be perfectly happy. I’m not sure how far their locations are located or if it’s like a regional brand. I have had people ask me what it was so I am guessing it is not a nationwide brand but there are probably similar type store located in your area. Mighty Dollar is one of those places that can change from day to day. Everything is a dollar and they sell EVERYTHING. I get most of my bins to fill here. This large bright green bowl came from there as well as my art caddie. I’m thinking these little plastic animals came from there as well.


Walmart is also a great place to pick up sensory materials. I always look for the odd materials here. The craft aisle can produce a wonderland of ideas. I also get my sand for our sand box here. I can get a whole bag for $6 and it lasts forever. I got this large plastic bin there as well. Since I took this picture we have changed out the base for an old tv stand which looks much better and is more stable. I would share a photo but at the moment it looks like a tornado picked it up and dropped it back down. 🙂 It’s a popular area around here.


Another idea is to check seasonal aisles after the holiday has ended. You can find great deals like glitter craft gems for .09 cents (just scored that one last night at Walmart) and shaped pasta for less than a dollar.

So there you have it. It wasn’t much of a secret but maybe there are a few ideas that you hadn’t thought of or maybe you have your own go to shops that I haven’t thought of…I would love it if you would share them! 🙂

Also keep in mind that the cheapest sensory material is pretty much always on hand… WATER!

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