Paper Punk Holiday Gift Guide Review

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Paper Punk Holiday Gift Guide Review

Looking for a gift that would be great for any kid ages 6 to 100? Paper Punk is a great idea! They have several different sets to build with different animals in fun funky patterned paper.


I will admit I wasn’t exactly crazy about the idea because just a couple of weeks ago we had a huge melt down over building paper animals from a different company. Lets just say there was more than a few tears and not one animals survived. I thought the Paper Punk sets would be similar but I thought I could build them myself and maybe they would make a good gift for my older nephew. Paper Punk was completely different. It was easy and fun to these animals and all of the kids were able to participate and there was not one frustrated blow up. The older kids were able to build their own animals and Lou happily decorated my ape.


I built the ape to test out the process for Paper Punk building. I tried to video the process but my camera cut out before he was quite finished but you can see the process and how easy it is. ­čÖé

Here is our finished Ape. Lou gave him his eyes, mouth, and hair. They come with SO many different stickers that you can give your animal any personality you choose! The great thing about Paper Punk is that after your animal is built you can actually play with him and move him. The glue dots stick the different boxes together well enough that they don’t fall apart and you can move the different joints around. Lou made our ape dance and played with it like a puppet.


Bub built a crazy cat and CB built an awesome dog, both turned out the way they should. I let them count it as math class and had them name the different shapes they created to build the different animals. Not only are they fun and great fine motor skill builders but they are great for an impromptu geometry lesson!


 Paper Punk would make a great gift this holiday season!paper-punk-holiday-gift-guide-review-1

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