Li’l Woodzeez® Holiday Gift Guide Review

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Li’l Woodzeez®  Holiday Gift Guide Review

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This year Santa has got it easy. A trip to Target and these adorable Li’L Woodzeez are at the top of her list. She came through the house one day and asked me if I would order her them off the tv. I didn’t know what a Li’L Woodzeez was at the time and it took all her four year old communication skills to finally help me find them on the tablet. I told her Santa would look into it and thought like everything else she has asked for, she would forget and move on. Not a chance…the next day she asked me if I had talked to Santa and made sure I wouldn’t forget. She then “wrote” a letter to Santa stating that if he would send her Li’l Woodzeez early than he could take a break on Christmas. There may have also been threats of reindeer kidnappings if he forgot or didn’t bring them. I don’t think her little mind has grasped the whole be good for Santa thing yet. I knew then that Li’l Woodzeez will dominate our Christmas morning this year.


I was really excited to get the opportunity to review these sets to see if she would play with them as much as she stated she would. I wanted to know if this was going to be the toy that was used or the one that gets abused. Many times in the past we have purchased those sought after toys they just can’t live without only to find them being used as a door stop the next week. I was really excited to get the chance to find out where the Li’l Woodzeez would place on the scale before going crazy and buying the village.


Lou was speechless for a while after seen them. I’m not sure if it was the shock of getting them early or if she was thinking what else could her threats squeeze out of the big man. Either way, the smile on her face said volumes. She grabbed the bears and hugged them like she had never seen a toy before in her life. Than came the turtle family, which by the way, can’t be any more cute. The only thing cuter than the turtle family is the little baby turtle all by her little self.

The mommas come with a plastic cap and they all have on old fashioned clothing. Lou was super happy to see that the baby’s diaper came off because we all know that the first thing that happens in the clothes comes off. Also the turtle’s shells come off to make changing their clothing easy. Not only are they really cute, they are made to last! They are soft plastic with a felt like feel to them. They are the perfect size for her little hands.Each family also comes with a storybook for her to read.


We also were able to review this awesome farmer’s market. I am very sure that I can not list all the items that this came with but I would like to stress that it came with ALOT. Everything you could think of, this store stocks it and in super cute tiny detail. Red peppers, apples, watermelon, fish (with removable ice trays) and tons of fruit and veggies…gardening tools, a shopping cart, and so many many many things for the little animals to purchase. I think this little farmer’s market has more of a variety than our real life farmer’s market.


I have been watching her play with this set and the animal dolls off and on for a few days now. I dug out her brother’s old train table and we have began to build a town on it. I love how they have encouraged her imagination. The turtle family is always the shop owners. The bears are always the shoppers and momma bear can get a little testy when the run out of eggs…wonder if that comes from a real life experience. Anyway, I see a trip to Target in Santa’s future because both families need a house and the kids need a school room not to mention the town needs more members. There is also a doctor’s clinic and a bakery and what town would be complete without them?


Here is Lou’s review of her new favorite toy. 🙂

Li'l Woodzeez®  Holiday Gift Guide Review


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