26 Free Printable Preschool Do A Dot Letter Alphabet Word And Image Pictures

26 Free Printable Preschool Do A Dot Letter Alphabet Word And Image Pictures

 26 pages of Do A Dot letters with pictures and words to go along with each letter!

This week has been a little crazy with all the sickness going around. I myself have been kinda out of it for a few days and then just because I’m totally sane…my husband and I took five kids to an amusement park Saturday. The kids had fun but I am questioning my statement about my sanity. We only had one kid throw up and that was before we even stepped foot into the theme park so I say the day went pretty well. 🙂

I have been working on a few new things for the blog this week. These do a dot images are one of those things. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen the next few printables that will go up already in the preview pictures I have posted. I’m pretty excited about this week. I’m going to post the printables that I meant to post last week as well as a few more additions to our football theme and the start of our Thanksgiving theme this year so be sure to visit often this week as it’s going to be full!

do a dot alphabet letter printables

This pack is pretty large with each letter of the alphabet having it’s own page with an image, word, and dot letter. Some images are real photos I used from public domain images while others are artwork I have done. I mixed them up a little to make them interesting. The child will stamp the letters and trace the word on each page. These are set to fit normal sized paper but we got a palette of long paper pretty cheap and it’s what I have been using to print out Lou’s worksheets, if you were wondering why they look so long.

do a dot alphabet letter printables

I am working on creating several different activities that go with learning the alphabet. You can work with just one letter at a time such as the letter A pack I uploaded a couple of months ago or do them as individual activities.

do a dot alphabet letter printables

If you don’t have an do a dot markers, I have found that BINGO dabbers work just as well. I found several colors at the Dollar Tree in the past. We also use these Dauber Dog markers and they work well too although sometimes they can get quite messy. 🙂 But that pretty much goes for anything in the hands of a four year old.

do a dot alphabet letter printables

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26 Free Printable Preschool Do A Dot Letter Alphabet Word And Image Pictures

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