Brackitz Driver Kit Holiday Gift Guide Review

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Brackitz Driver Kit Holiday Gift Guide Review

A sure fire way to make a kid smile is to give them tools to fire their imaginations! Brackitz are just that! We are pretty big Brackitz fans around here and the gift guide wouldn’t be complete without one of their awesome kits. If you would like to more know more… 

Check out the Brackitz website here or purchase this kit here!


The Driver Set has 43 pieces to build an awesome car that really drives! All they need is their engineering skills and a little imagination. Bub was pretty excited about this kit. He is my builder and always looking for things to build. Brackitz are some of his favorites because they look cool, they are durable for lots of reuse, and they can be used in a lot of different ways. Not to mention they look cool on the light table. The driver kit had some new pieces in it for him to get excited about…wheels for example. He seen the wheels and not even seconds later was already planning his next big creation.


The girls were also pretty excited about the Brackitz. They like to build and create as well. Although they all three have their own building personality, they share the love of creating things. They all wanted to open the Brackitz but in the end CB got the honors under the pretense of removing the tape for her younger sister. The inside of the box was full of possibilities. CB decided to build a dragster first. It was put together so well that when she drove it off the table and into the wall not one piece came off. You can watch her building process in the video below.

Brackitz are a great gift idea for any kid who loves to build. They have several different kits that have special pieces to build different creations and best of all, all the sets work together to build even bigger creations. Next on our radar is building a robot with wheels on it’s feet.

 What will they create next?

Brackitz Driver Kit Holiday Gift Guide Review

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