3 Fun Halloween Activity Books Reviews From Parragon Books

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3 Fun Halloween Activity Books Reviews From Parragon Books

Today I have 3 fun Parragon Books review for you. It’s still time to celebrate Halloween (and after) with these awesome activity books from Parragon. Two of these books feature your favorite characters while the third is a unique and fun surprise! All three books come with their own crayons and stickers! The crayons come in and out of the trays easy so each of these books are good for an afternoon at home or on the go.


Disney Princess Princesses and Pumpkins (Color & Activity With Crayons)

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Looking for a fun activity for your little ones this Halloween? Check out Parragon’s Disney Princesses and Pumpkins color and activity book. Stickers, fun activities, cute unspooky princesses with a Halloween theme, and it’s own crayons! I like that this one was seasonally themed but wasn’t so scary that Lou was running for the door. She loved that she recognized her favorite princesses.


Spooky Black Paper Coloring: 50 Creepy Stickers and 5 Bright Crayons

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This fun spooky coloring book is perfect for an afternoon of coloring! It’s an odd surprise to open it up and find the paper is black and the lines are white. It comes with crayons that work perfectly on the black paper and 50 creepy stickers. The pictures are fun doodles that are spooky without being overly scary. Great for all ages to enjoy!


Disney Pixar Halloween Heroes (Color & Activity With Crayons)

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Another of our favorites is the Halloween Heroes staring Pixar’s fabulous characters. Monsters Inc, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, and many other of Lou’s favorite movies are featured in this coloring and activity book. Again this one is not spooky enough to scare but great for the season. It also comes with stickers of their favorite characters and it’s own crayons. I would like to say these crayons are pretty nice. They are large and easy to grip while also writing smoothly.


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Happy Halloween!

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