The Moonlight Tooth Fairy From Parragon Books Book Review

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 The Moonlight Tooth Fairy From Parragon Books Book Review

Do you have a kid that loves fairies? I know I do… I have two in fact. Lou has been crazy about fairies most of her life. The tooth fairy being her favorite fairy. CB has always been partial to the tooth fairy as well. She used to write her letters nightly as if she was some magical pen pal. It was great for her imagination skills as well as her writing skills. Lou doesn’t exactly hold a wish to write to her tooth fairy but she does try to catch her in action when she comes to visit brother and sister. We have been known to hold a few unsuccessful tooth fairy stake outs. Those fairies are just too sneaky and always seem to slip by undetected.

The Moonlight Tooth Fairy explains how they are getting through our super sharp detective skills. They are just really good at hiding.

The Moonlight Tooth Fairy From Parragon Books

The Moonlight Tooth Fairy is another great Parragon book. The story is about a lonely fairy who sees that most living things have friends except for her. She finds a friend in the oddest of ways. On the job while collecting teeth she meets a little girl who dreams of becoming a fairy… The answer to both their dreams is found in a simple wish. 


This is a great book for the young child who loves fairies. It’s also good for a child who has just lost their first tooth as it comes with it’s own tooth purse. Inside a pocket in the book is a purple bag designed for teeth. The child puts their tooth inside and it makes it easier for the tooth fairy to locate and return a coin.

What experiences do you have with the tooth fairy at your house?


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