Free Halloween Themed Printable Preschool Color and Size Sorting Ghost Activities

Free Halloween Themed Printable Preschool Color and Size Sorting Ghost Activities

It’s nearly midnight and I’ve been working super hard on getting this project done today so I am hoping I make it. 🙂 This activity is all about colors and sizes. There are 13 different mats to work on with 10 different colors. The only real chore to getting this activity up and going is cutting out the circle ghosts. There are 26 on each of the 10 pages. I think I went a little too crazy with them but I got to thinking about all the different ways I could use them and at the time I justified creating each of them. While cutting them out I was silently wishing I had made a few less circles. 🙂 In the end it was totally worth it because not only did we use them for sorting with the mats but she also used them for counting, pattern sequencing, size sequencing, and we used them in a little addition practice on the mats as well. She is using them right now as “money” in her pretend store.

Instruction for activity. I would suggest lamination because the tokens will be handled a lot. 

Print the pack and cut out the tokens.

Have the kids sort the tokens by color or size on to the mats.

I hope you enjoy them!

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Free Halloween Themed Printable Preschool Color and Size Sorting Ghost Activities

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