Inspyr Socks – Inspire and Encourage While You Play – Holiday Gift Guide

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Inspyr Socks – Inspire and Encourage While You Play

What is your message of inspiration? What inspires you? Little things can be big things when you least expect it. I remember sitting on the couch one day not too long ago and I was feeling pretty discouraged. Thinking about things that just weren’t meant to be will be the fastest way to drive yourself into a hole of depression. I have a good habit of doing that to myself. My four year old climbed onto my lap and in the most sweet and sincere tone she said, “Mommy, you look beautiful today.” It wasn’t those words alone that lifted my spirits although they are nice to hear, it was the fact that I must be doing something right to have such a wonderful daughter. It was a small gesture, one I am sure she really didn’t understand the full impact of but it returned my positive point of view and my smile.

Little things, little reminders, little signs can have a big impact.


That is what Inspyr socks are all about. The each share an empowering message about love, perseverance, hope, dreams, hard work, or winning. I love the different words on different legs look. They are really unique looking socks. CB is all about sock collecting and different unusual looking socks. These quickly have become some of her favorites due to their messages. The Live Laugh Love pack comes with three socks which kinda confused her at first because she couldn’t figure out what to do with the third sock but they she realized she had the choice of which two to wear. She loved having the choice of which two words to wear together at one time. She picked Live and Laugh by the way.


Not only do these socks share inspiring messages but they are also high quality socks. They have bright vivid color combinations that CB went crazy for. They also have arch support and reinforced toe and heel areas making them super comfy. The first thought I had when I pulled them out of the package was how thick and sock they were. I had to do the stretch test and see how stretch they were. I stretched them as far as I could and they easily reformed their former shape. CB said they fit perfectly. She was quite impressed with the fit and feel of them.

With the plethora of messages and colors they have available there is sure to be something to inspire everyone.

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The girls loved hanging out and playing around in their new socks. It’s funny how such a little thing as new socks can make for a fun filled afternoon. CB danced around the living room with little Lou right behind her. Whatever big sister does little sister does, just like two peas in a pod.


What’s your message of inspiration?

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful article about our inspyr socks. We have gotten so much wonderful feedback from our tribe of empowering fans that we decided to add other products to our list. We now have wonderful bracelets, sunglasses for Mommy and Dad. Our incredible headbands will arrive the first week of December and of course will be fitted with our empowering messages. Best of all is the fact that we are making a difference in people’s lives and not just the kiddies but everyone that embraces a better life for themselves or a loved one. Take care and thanks again.

    Stay Inspyred
    John Cawley CEO/ Founder Inspyr

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