Free Printable Halloween Themed Coloring Pages For Kids

Free Printable Halloween Themed Coloring Pages For Kids

Halloween can sometimes be scary for small children. All the scary and confusing things on the store shelves that held just weeks before school supplies. No more Frozen notebooks or Batman backpacks but now they are filled with ghosts, vampires, witches, and other scary things. The things of their nightmares displayed so easily within reach. I would be terrified too. Lou has been feeling the spookies a good bit lately and I wanted to make her something a little less spook and more cute. I wanted to show her Halloween can be fun not just scary. I also eased into a conversation about how it’s all just costumes being worn by kids just like her. She is still a little timid but is at least contemplating going Trick-or-treating with her older siblings which a few days ago was a definite NO. This year is the first year she has been scared of the Halloween sights and I’m not wanting to push her into a new childhood trauma so I probably only take her out before dark and then back to Camp Granny before the sun goes down.

We have actually been working on this “Halloween can be fun” idea for a few weeks…ever since a skeleton at Walmart put her into a near catatonic state and the witch decor at the Dollar Tree started the wail of screams that I’m sure were heard in the next dimension. Instead of becoming hermits till the first of November, I began giving her small art projects with Halloween themed stickers or pictures. I strung a piece of yarn across the bottom of the white board we have up and gave her clothes pins to hang her new art up. So far the Halloween is fun theme is working and we have been able to walk into Walmart and the melt down of terror has downgraded to a side eye silent whimper.

Our art wall is getting pretty full of spooky art work already lol

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My working theory is to introduce slowly the different things she might encounter during the frightful season and hope that no lasting nightmares will come from a trip around town begging for candy. Quite frankly, I do not understand or even try to grasp the concept of Trick-or-treat but according to my husband it is a right of passage through childhood. Usually I stand pretty firm on the don’t take candy from the trunks of strangers but I suppose if the trunk is decorated like Hogwarts than that makes it okay…right?

I made her these coloring pages yesterday morning while the kids worked earnestly on their school work…I’m not quite sure earnestly is the right word but I’m going to use it because there was not on bit of fussing and no lollygagging making it better than usual. I’m going to brag on them. Positive reinforcement at work. There are eight different pages in the booklet. 4 number pages and then 4 coloring pages. They are pretty straight forward but if you have questions feel free to email. 🙂

 These worksheets are no prep. All you have to do is print.

I hope you enjoy them!

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Kids Halloween Coloring Page Printable Pack 8 pages Miniature Masterminds

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