Easy DIY 5 Minute Costume – Sandy Crood Inspired By Netflix’s Dawn of the Croods #ad #streamteam

Easy DIY 5 Minute Costume – Sandy Crood  Inspired By Netflix’s Dawn of the Croods

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Looking for an easy last minute costume that took just 5 minutes from sudden light bulb of brilliance to complete and utter cuteness? While watching Dawn of the Croods on Netflix and thinking just how much like Sandy my four year old is, I thought of the idea to turn her into Sandy for Halloween. Like most good ideas, it was as if a light bulb flicked on and I couldn’t think of anything else until I had seen my little Crood running wild. Although, in retrospect…turning her into a cave girl and asking her to act like one wasn’t my best thought out plan.

Sandy Crood is the feral four year old daughter of the Croods. She is crazy and acts almost animal like. Not completely unlike my four year old at times. There are actually times when I think Sandy is who my daughter aspires to be. She loves watching the Croods and Sandy is her favorite character in the show. I think it is in part because Sandy is the same age as her and she sees the similarities in her family and ours. We too have an older daughter and son although not quite as old as Sandy’s siblings.


Creating Sandy Crood

I had all the materials I needed on hand already but they are simple materials that you can pick up pretty cheap if you don’t happen to have them at home.
What you need:
A yellow pillow case, scissors, and a couple of hair bands.


Cut the top out but leave a strip to keep it up on their shoulder. This is easy to do because you don’t have to be perfect. The more zagged and uneven the better for this project.


Slide the dress on and secure in the back with a pin if you cut too much off the top. There really is no messing this one up. You can cut the bottom zagged or just leave it as is. That is all there is to the dress. Add a couple of messy piggy tails with purple hair bows and you have Sandy Crood! Now you just sit back and watch the magic of childhood imagination turn your living room into a dangerous primitive cave land.


Dawn of the Croods is a Netflix Original series about a family of cave people who experience new adventures as they meet new friends and enemies in the most hilarious of ways.





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