Happy Halloween Clip Counting Cards 1 to 12

Happy Halloween Clip Counting Cards 1 to 12

It’s been a wild past few weeks around here. I knew that adding another child to the morning class table was going to take some adjusting. I also knew that every morning wasn’t going to run smoothly. I never held delusions about what was to come, deep inside was always this feeling that I was in for a roller coaster ride of preschool emotional outbursts and tween tantrums. Yet, in my state of absolute mental denial I felt I was fully prepared and equipped to handle the worst they could dish out. I thought I had seen it all last year and this year would be cake. I puffed up my pride and just knew I wouldn’t find myself hiding out in the bathroom trying to make a deal with the Goblin King to take them far far away.

Thankfully those requests have not been answered… yet…because I fear I was sadly mistaken in my own ability to cope with the resistance.

The Rebel army is just too strong and my dark jedi mind tricks to encourage conforming to academics are merely parlor acts to them. Still, we venture on and weather the storms as they come. The good still far out weighs the bad and not once have I regretted the choice we made to start this journey. The bumps along the way just mean we are moving forward. 🙂

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This blog, binge watching Netflix, and creating activities such as this one is what I do during their “free time” to decompress from the hectic and sometimes crazy mornings. Drawing for me is a stress reliever and helps relax me….and I have no idea why I started this post off like that but I suppose I just needed a personal moment to just write. 🙂

I do know that I have already made Halloween themed clip counting cards…but I made a new set to match this year’s Halloween art set and because Lou loves her clip cards. Actually, we are now using them in pretend play and menus for her diner. She serves a lot of monster soup and all her meals have spiders in them but she does have fairly reasonable prices. 🙂

Anyway, find out more about the many other uses of clip counting cards in this post!

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