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This review was made possible by iConnect and Dream Frenz.  I was provided product and compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

Dream Frenz Are Coming Only To Walmart.com!

Dream Frenz are adorable friends for you child to take along anywhere with them. They can be used as an emotional companion, pillow, or a toy. They also make excellent travel pillows/toys! They are the perfect birthday gift that will bring smiles to any child’s face! Learn more and see all the different characters only at Walmart.com!

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Dream Frenz come from the minds of children. The creator, Halie Fulton is a mom of three girls. The idea for these fun characters come from her daughter’s preschool drawings. I think it is pretty amazing that she was able to take that wonder and imagination from her own daughter and use it to create something that would inspire even more wonder and imagination in children all over.  Ms Fulton and her daughters all take part in the business of making the Dream Frenz. I am all for involving children in business decisions and giving them a say in all aspects of a business even the marketing. These girls and their mom are doing a great job. They have an adorable product that is going to be on every kid’s Christmas list and they are doing it as a family!


The idea to take her daughter’s doodles and turn them into reality was pretty genius. I know my daughter loves to draw and I am often asked to play the part of art critic to her artwork. Even now as I type this I can hear her calling for me to come view another masterpiece…. I am kinda hoping it’s on paper but deep down I know it’s only a 50/50 shot. Often those characters she creates have the same characteristics of these Dream Frenz, such as the large heads and tiny bodies. The experts believe this is a preschool aged child’s attempt at realistic drawing and their self perception. I think that is one reason she was so thrilled to meet her new friend, she was not only a magical mermaid but she also resembled the way she thinks.


Her new friend’s name is Miss Florabella and Miss Florabella lives in the ocean and has a pet octopus name Coshie. Coshie is rainbow colored with silver speckles on his twelve legs… yes twelve because he is a special octopus. She likes shopping, putting on make up, and painting her finger nails. She doesn’t like mac and cheese, loud music, or people who eat fish. One day she is going to grow up and be the first mermaid in space.

I really love the fact the Dream Frenz are ran by imagination and not batteries. Miss Florabella is a tech free wonder. The large headed mermaid is made to be played with. Her body is attached well and fits inside a pocket at the base of the head when she wants her friend to be her pillow. The materials are soft  and well made. She will spend many days swimming around that under sea mall with her 12 legged pet octopus.


There are 10 different Dream Frenz characters currently with plans for more designs in the making meaning there is a Dream Frenz that would appeal to every child!

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