Counting Apples Clip Counting Cards For Fall And Worksheet Pack

Counting Apples Clip Counting Cards For Fall
And An Apple Counting Worksheet Pack

It’s almost Fall! One of my favorite times of year is the Fall for many reasons such as the perfect weather that isn’t too hot or too cold, the colors (red, brown, yellow, orange), and the fact you can find pumpkin or apple scented EVERYTHING (seriously everything, I found pumpkin scented dish detergent the other day). I will be honest, I’m not really a huge fan of the taste of pumpkin but apple spice and cinnamon make me happy. To celebrate the coming season, we made this apple themed counting pack.

We have made several different counting card sets in the past as they are a fun way to practice counting skills. My daughter is always excited to see new counting card sets on the table. She was especially excited with this set because I found these awesome red and green clothes pins at the dollar store for her to use with them.

Counting cards are quick and easy to set up. I do laminate ours so they can be used over and over again but it’s an optional thing.


Print cards.
Cut apart the blocks.
Laminate the cards if you choose.
Use clothes pins, markers, crayons, or another manipulative to mark the number that corresponds with the picture.

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