Free Printable Letter A Practice Pack And Alphabet Upper and Lower Case Matching Cards

Free Printable Letter A Practice Pack And Alphabet Upper and Lower Case Matching Cards

Today was the first day of school here. However, it may possibly be the last day of my sanity. Things went fairly smooth this morning but I will say that home school isn’t something I would do just for fun or if I didn’t really believe it was the best thing for my family. I love spending time with my children but I could do with a little less of the sixth grade attitude, the fifth grade whining, and the preschool diva antics. DSC_0855

Lou just turned 4 last month so I don’t push her like I tend to do the older kids. They don’t understand which leads to them pushing back thinking they should get the same treatment. Preschool for us is fairly simple. An introduction to table work but mostly hands on learning activities. I made this pack of Letter A activities to get her familiar with the written letter A. I am hoping to do the whole alphabet over time if she enjoys the different activities I made.

Included in this pack are several different activities such as this A is for Apple Dot page. Kids can use dot stampers or stickers to form the letter A


This page is an apple with both upper and lower case A in the middle. The child traces the apple and the letters. We used this as a dry erase activity.


There is another page with a bubble A a and a dot line A a. You can laminate these or cut them apart. The top can be used for play dough or other manipulatives such as these counting blocks. The bottom is a simple trace the A a.


There is also a letter A lacing card. I would suggest gluing to a thin piece of card board and then cutting around the dotted lines. After you have it cut out, laminate the page and cut around the laminated page leaving a small lip to seal the cardboard and A page. Use a whole punch to punch around the circles. Have the kids lace a show string or other string through the holes.


There are also upper and lower case letters matching game. The whole alphabet is included in the set.


There is also tracing and writing pages included for the whole alphabet.


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Free Printable Letter A Practice Pack And Alphabet Upper and Lower Case Matching Cards


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