Mornings made easier with Jimmy Dean® Stuffed Hash Browns #ad

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Mornings made easier with Jimmy Dean® Stuffed Hash Browns

Mornings are crazy at our house. One of my arguments for home school was to be able to calm down our insane morning routine. I thought if there was no rush to get children school ready than maybe I would have time in the mornings to recreate this ideal scene you often see on family sitcoms. You know the one where the table is covered in all different kinds of breakfast foods, fresh squeezed orange juice, and happy perky faces being shoved full of toast and perfectly cooked bacon. It didn’t happen…not even a little. Mornings are still hectic, crazy, and full of activity with a noticeable lack of spare time. We look for things that work with our lifestyle which is “On-The-Go”.


Our latest addition to the morning routine is  Jimmy Dean® Stuffed Hash Browns. They are a mixture of hash browns filled with creamy cheese and delicious meats. You can find them right in the breakfast frozen foods department at Walmart. They have different flavors such as meat lovers, bacon and cheese, and sausage and cheese. They are like an all in one hand held breakfast that is quick to cook and easy to take on the go!


Jimmy Dean has been a great go to for us for years. These hash browns are no different. They come with microwavable crisping sleeve that you use to put them in before placing them in the microwave. This sleeve makes them come out of the microwave only 2 minutes later crispy on the outside and melty gooey cheesy and meaty goodness inside.  In 2 short minutes they go from fridge- to table- to kid’s tummies.


No matter the chaos that finds its way into our morning, at least the kids have a great tasting breakfast that’s a good source of protein to get their day started!

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