David And Goliath Sunday School Craft Printable

David And Goliath Sunday School Craft Printable

I recently took over teaching the Sunday School youth class at my church which has been a blast. This particular class has a wide range of ages in it from 11 year olds to 4 year olds. It can be quite a challenge to find an activity they all will enjoy and learn from so I decided to make our own. This past week we studied David And Goliath.

My idea was to go with the theme
“No matter how BIG your battle is, GOD is bigger.” 

We discussed how big Goliath was (9 Feet Tall) and how he wore heavy armor, sword and spear, yet David had but a sling, 5 stones, and the LORD on his side. I found 5 large smooth river stones to show them what David was working with. I tried to find a sling but didn’t find one in time. I let them pass them around while we took turns reading the story. As they picked their stones out we talked about the battles we each face in life. Some talked about bullies, sibling rivalry, and other issues they face. I handed each child a bag and a verse to color. They read the verse aloud and talked about what they thought it meant. They colored their verse and glued it onto the bag. Inside the bag they placed their stones as a reminder that there will be battles in their life but no matter how big that battle may seem, GOD is still bigger.

Materials used:
Paper bags to hold the stones
5 pebbles per (any size but be careful of chocking  hazards with the smaller ones)
Crayons or markers
The printable below (There are two ovals on each page)

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