Welcome To Our PLAY-DOH Town Adventure #PlayDohTown #IC #AD

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Welcome To Our PLAY-DOH Town Adventure

The large plain brown box was full of promise as it sat on the table, freshly delivered from lands unknown the box was silently begging to be opened. I knew inside was a wonderful surprise that my PLAY-DOH brand obsessed daughter was going to go crazy for but all she knew was that the box was for her. I slowly slid the box cutter across the tape to reveal the contents of the box. The PLAY-DOH logo was automatically recognized and her eyes lit up with joy. Than as each box came out the joy only escalated as she was introduced to the new PLAY-DOH Town sets and now the adventure truly begins.


With PLAY-DOH celebrating their 60th Birthday, they have released a new exciting product to send children on a colorful journey into the land of imagination. The PLAY-DOH Town consists of brightly colored characters and building sets such as this the PLAY-DOH Town Firehouse. With this easy to assemble firehouse playset they can pretend to be the fireman hero by using all the included stamps to create not only the fire for the scenes but the tools that a fireman needs to help save the day. From sets to single character packages, this PLAY-DOH Town is going to be amazing!

A few of the sets available:
PLAY-DOH Town Firehouse
PLAY-DOH Town Ice Cream Truck
PLAY-DOH Town Pet Store
PLAY-DOH Town Ice Cream Girl
PLAY-DOH Town Police Boy

The 60th birthday celebrations will culminate on World PLAY-DOH Day on September 16!
A Great day to join in by picking up a can of compound and a PLAY-DOH Town set and you and your child create your own the adventures together!

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Now for our PLAY-DOH Town adventure starring the PLAY-DOHTown Fireman!

A Day In The Life Of a PLAY-DOH Town Fireman

 from a newly turned four year old
wrote by her momma


The PLAY-DOH Town fireman and his trusty sidekick pup start their day making the rounds around town to keep an eye out for fires or other safety hazards. The house next door sustained slight damage when the fire hit earlier that week and it needed a good inspection to see if it was stable enough for the ice cream delivery man and his wife to move back in. They were out in their family owned ice cream truck delivering cold sweet pretend treats to all the other members of PLAY-DOH Town.


After a quick look over at the house to insure the fire hazards were taken care of the fireman visits his favorite pet store to pick up some puppy treats for his pup. He also likes to check out the other animals and the new rare purple fishes.


The fireman helps the shop girl to hang up her new shipment of bird cages with his ladder. He the rabbit and helps her locate the hamster that once again escaped from his cage.


The shop girl asks him to watch the shop and the animals while she goes to the local beautician and gets her hair fixed. She had been wanting a new purple due to celebrate the purple fish celebration she was hosting later that day. He is always ready to help out the citizens of PLAY-DOH Town.


It’s time for a stop at the ice cream truck for a pretend ice cream treat, it’s such a hot day and they have his favorite flavor grape.


After a quick sweet pretend ice cream treat, he heads back to the firehouse to check out the equipment. You never know when an emergency will occur. He checks to ensure all his tools are on hand. He also checks to ensure the water hose is clear and ready to help him save the day when the next fire breaks out.


It’s been a hard day’s work for the Play-Doh Town fireman and now it’s time for bed for our everyday hero and his little pup. Into the firehouse he goes to catch some rest in his bed. Good night Play-Doh Town but never fear if an emergency arises, the fireman is ready!


I hope you enjoyed our little adventure and it has motivated you to create your own. PLAY-DOH Town opens up endless possibilities for creativity and imagination. You and your child can enjoy countless hours together as you relive the joy of the same PLAY-DOH compound you played with as a child in a new and exciting way with your child. Together, let’s celebrate 60 years of creativity, fun, and squishy sensory play as we build memories along with the PLAY-DOH Town creations!


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