Summer Fun Printable Pack (Calendar numbers, Fish Matching Game, And Three Basic Skill Worksheets)

Summer Fun Printable Pack
(Calendar numbers, Fish Matching Game, And Basic Skill Worksheets)

I know it’s getting a little late in the Summer but I have been kinda swamped around here lately. I’ve been working on getting school ready for Fall. I learned so much our first year homeschooling and I want to be better prepared this year. Plus Lil Lou Lou will officially start a preschool curriculum, although we have done things here and there together I have kept it very informal and let her lead the way. This year she will start a more formal curriculum for short periods of time.

Today I want to share a printable pack I made for Summer. This pack is slightly different from the other packs I have shared. It contains one activity, two worksheets, one matching/flashcards set featuring fish, and a set of Summer themed calendar numbers or number recognition cards.

Summer Fun Printable Pack

Beachball Words Activity
What you need: Scissors and 2 split pins

Cut out the beach balls and the letter circles beside each one. Also cut out the white oval. Attach the front beach ball to the back letter circle with the split pin. Have the child turn the top or bottom to create new words and read them.

This one had a slight design error when I printed it to take photos but it has been fixed in the actual print out.

Watermelon Dots

What you need: A dotter or crayon

This worksheet is about the letter W as in Watermelon.
The child stamps all the letter W’s and then counts them on each watermelon piece. They will then circle the piece with the most W’s.


Sandcastle Counting

This worksheet is all about counting. The child will fill in the missing numbers.


Calendar Numbers/Counting Cards

31 square numbers themed with Summer clip art and large numbers. These can be used at calendar time for large classroom calender or for putting in order to learn number recognition and sequencing.


Fish Flash Cards/Matching Game

Also included is a fish flash card or matching card game. Each fish is labeled with it’s name.
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