Play Visions Floof – Snowball Maker – Lighter Than Air Sensory Play

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Floof – Snowball Maker – Lighter Than Air Sensory Play

It’s Summer and the sun’s heat is melting the very plastic that is the blinds meant to shield us from the sun’s rays blindingly streaming through our windows. Every where you look, the evidence of the summer heat is apparent.  The grass is no longer the green color showcasing it’s life. Steam rises from the scorching hot metal vehicles distorting the world around them. Even the wonder of the pool offers little relief from the heat induced madness. It’s just plain out hot. Inside we spend our day hoping to evade the sweltering weather but that doesn’t mean we can have fun and dream of a time when the ground was covered in white instead of crispy brown with Floof Snowball Maker sensory play.


Floof is light mold-able sensory material made by Play Vision (the wonderful people who came up with Sand’s Alive which is still one of our favorites).
It’s white, super soft, and molds to any shape. The Snowball Maker comes with molds to create perfect snowman all tucked nice and neat into this cute bucket.


Lou liked the idea of making a snowman while the weather outside was not at all conducive for the survival of an actual snowman. Floof is different that her usual sensory materials. It’s much softer and more pliable, she referred to it as playing with a cloud. Bub said it looked like marshmallows.


There are six half circle molds in three sizes to make the snow balls and men. I’m thinking these lovely round molds would be good for a few other things too (I’m thinking bath bombs if she will let me borrow them). To make the snowball, she filled each half with Floof and then squished them together. Poof! Snowballs.


Here she is squishing the molds together.  The fun thing about Floof is that it holds any shape it molds into until molded into something else. It’s light weight makes it easy to handle and fun to play with. It almost feels as if you have nothing in your hand at all.

Floof does leave some residue on hands and clothing but washes easily away with water. You have to be sure to play with it with dry hands as it is water soluble. It’s easy to clean up the play area with just a damp cloth.


Sometimes you just have to experiment. She tried fitting different sizes together to see what would happen. This created some very unfortunate looking  Picasso like statues that almost resembled snowmen. Either way, they were fun to smash. Floof sets come with a variety of tools and accessories. There are several different sets available including: Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, Polar Babies, Snowball Maker, S’more Party, Sunny Day Cloud and the Floof Bucket.


Purchase your own Floof here!


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