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Tokyo Treat Unboxing #3!

We just can not get enough of these Tokyo Treat subscription boxes. This is our third one and we still had just as much fun as the first one. Learning about other cultures, foods, and treats is so much fun. This month we actually recorded the unboxing as CB was getting her first look at what was inside.

You can check out our first unboxing here and our second here to see more Tokyo Treats.

Check out TokyoTreat’s Site for more information!

This month’s box:


Look at all those awesome treats!

You can watch the video unboxing to see her reaction to the different treats and below we have some more info and images of the opened products.

Each box comes with a book that tells about the products included. It gives a pretty detailed description which is wonderful because none of us can read the packages. On to the treats!

Let’s start with a favorite, Pucca. These little guys didn’t last long at in the hands of my children. Their chocolate goodness was gobbled up with eagerness. They did smell wonderful.


These were pretty interesting. I don’t recall what they were called but they smelled spicy and Bub compared them to noodles. He claimed them before the girls had a shot but they were right up his alley as he is the one that likes a little spice.


These may look like your average BBQ chip but they aren’t. In fact they are chili pepper chips. These were another favorite all around.


Grilled Wasabi Seaweed… This is why I love these boxes so much. I would never be able to get my hands on a treat like this. I actually commandeered this one. My husband is always teasing me about my diet choices and telling people I eat seaweed all the time. Now I can actually say, I have ate seaweed and it was good.


Each box has a DIY candy in it. This one was green tea flavored. Very tasty and we love anything DIY around here.


Bub also was able to pry this away from his sisters. He has been talking about it since he ate it.


There was also included in the box these adorable Koalas filled with pudding flavored candy. They were almost too cute to eat…too bad they were to tasty to not eat.


Lou loves anything chocolate. Shape the chocolate into panda bears and they child goes crazy. We let her have this one… I fear if we hadn’t someone would have lost a finger.


Carrot flavored rice snacks in a carrot shaped bag. These were CB’s favorite treat in the box. She probably will have me seeing if we can import these snacks.


Chocolate crisp inside of a cookie, I’m not exactly sure what this is called but I will take ten of them.


I know above we had chips that looks like the average BBQ chip but wasn’t. Well these are BBQ chips but don’t look like what we call BBQ chips.


The special suprise this month was this ADORABLE Hello Kitty change purse. I haven’t seen this since this picture. I’m assuming someone doesn’t want to share.


And the grand finale, Pepsi Sakura. Everyone wanted a taste of this Pepsi drink that we will likely never encounter in our grocery stores. Cherry blossom flavored soda is a thumbs up around here.


There were so many fun treats included. We had a blast looking though the box at all the different things.


Be sure to check out TokyoTreat’s website for more info and to check their different packages and pricing!

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