DIY Stand Up Multiplication Chart

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DIY Stand Up Multiplication Chart

I wanted a way for the kids to have easy access to a way to practice their multiplication facts. I had an idea of using these plastic stand up advertising stands to create a fun way they could quiz each other and have a reference when they need it.DSC_0007

With it standing up they can put it in front of them and quiz each other with the other not being able to see the answers. Quizzing each other is a fun way for them to get extra practice and spend time together. The could also be used as a kinda wall to block each other. They could then use this to play a form of multiplication battleship. Print four charts and give them a dry erase marker. Where each picks 10 numbers with the dry erase marker on the top. They then take turns trying to guess where the the other play picked such as “5×5” would be 25. If the person had marked 25 the other player would get a point.


All you need is plastic stands such as these from amazon and the print out below.

The printout goes between the plastic pieces and then into the stand. Easy setup!


Download the chart by clicking the link below!


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