Dads are the Real Heroes!

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Dads are the Real Heroes!

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I will always consider myself lucky to have the dad I have. Trying to even describe how wonderful he is is hard because I don’t know where to even start. He has always been my hero. I was Daddy’s girl growing up. In my eyes he is the strongest man ever and I was his princess. He is one of those special people that really does seem to know everything and can fix anything. He would give a stranger the shirt off his back and his last dollar for lunch. I have seen him do it on occasion. I have never heard him utter a single derogatory remark about anyone, even those who do him wrong. My dad is and always will be the real hero in my life.


My kids feel the same way about their dad. I’m sure every child thinks their dad is the strongest, fastest, best dad ever. Which is why we celebrate them on Father’s Day, to show them just how much they mean to us.


They may not be able to swing from buildings like Spiderman or shoot beams out of their hands like Iron Man but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as super and deserve a super Father’s Day. Let’s treat them like the heroes they are buy giving them a Father’s Day fit for a super hero. Starting with a super gift that will make them feel like a hero everyday. Cross has developed a line of pens that feature dad’s favorite super heroes Iron Man, Captian America, and Spiderman. I love the simple design of the pens that showcase the superheros attributes with also a grown up feel. The pens are sleek and designed for everyday use but also serve as a way to remind that special dad just how super he is every time he uses it.


How do you plan on making your Dad feel super this Father’s Day?

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